Pi Fighter 1.0.2

Professional monster slayer!

  1. Baddest Man on Earth
    π Fighter

    Welcome to the thread of π Fighter made by the π team! We have made this bot for two purposes and that is to offer a product that can't be surpassed on a quality level and to give the customer exactly what they want.

    • Fight any NPC
    • Custom looting
      • Loot charms
      • Loot food
      • Loot by names (including several name filters)
      • Loot by value
      • Loot only stackable items higher than a specified value
    • Potion support
      • Supports all attack, strength, ranged, magic and defence potions and flasks
      • Drinks when under a specified level
    • Rejuvenate support (Shield in inventory support)
    • Alching support
      • Several alch filters to minimize number of entries
    • Eating
    • Custom fight/loot radius

    Coming in the future:
    • Banking

Recent Reviews

  1. jackwilton
    Version: 1.0.2
    Great bot best out of the combat ones, just one thing would it be possible to add a refresh button when selecting which monster to attack please thanks :D
  2. Jack Nic
    Jack Nic
    Version: 1.0.0
    Great bot, very underrated. Only one that works for me and its super fast!
    1. Baddest Man on Earth
      Author's Response
      Good to hear :)