Prime 3T Woodcutting BETA 0.0.10

3 ticks walk into a bar...

  1. Savior
    Prime 3T Woodcutting BETA
    Uses tick manipulation to get logs at a much higher rate.
    Start the bot near any teak trees. The bot will stick to 3 tree positions nearest to the player to prevent it from accidentally crashing other people eventually.

    The bot uses herb and swamp tar, so make sure to bring a pestle and mortar, and at least 1 herb and 15 swamp tar.

    I highly suggest to bring a few grimy herbs and accordingly many swamp tars so the bot can recover from a herb-tar being made. If the bot happens to accidentally drop a herb or swamp tar it'll be picked up again.

    The bot will automatically stop if the player runs out of resources.

    Here is an example inventory

    Short footage with debug mouse overlay: Streamable

Recent Reviews

  1. Hig
    Version: 0.0.10
    Got 99 with this, 100k xp p/h

    make sure you use it on a local/low ping world, and take about 22 herbs with you, you only lose about 1 herb an hour, so you can run it for 20+ hours that way.

    Thank you to the author, saved me some money, I spent $5 on a paid bot just to get into the 80's and it wasn't tick manipulation so it was slow.
  2. bigvloei023
    Version: 0.0.10
    Amazing bot! This 3t manipulation is perfect!!
  3. Stickyyyy
    Version: 0.0.8
    Works great, an update to 3tick blisterwood would be cool too!
  4. Jimothy Boobington
    Jimothy Boobington
    Version: 0.0.8
    Fast & no issues
  5. Yipper123
    Version: 0.0.8
    Works great. I had a little snafu on my end not updating Runemate causing the bot to not work not realizing my mistake. Amazing 3T bots both this and mining!
  6. boriviar
    Version: 0.0.8
    Great bot, run it about 10 hours a day with no issues. Needs support for teak logs + knife for tick manipulation and an option to pick up clue nests
  7. bskdzle
    Version: 0.0.8
    Really is an incredible bot if used with good internet speeds. I managed to go from 91-99 in a matter of a few days on my quested 1def gmauler/skilling acc.

    Thanks so much to the author and big props <3 <3
  8. myztiqul
    Version: 0.0.8
    Works good most of the time. However, sometimes it drops the herb and then it keeps picking up all the logs (I think it's trying to pick up the herb again). I have plenty of grimy herbs in my inventory but it keeps clicking on the logs on the ground instead of using another herb and breaks the bot.
  9. Wisam224
    Version: 0.0.6
    nice script no bug fast and easy 5+ hurs
  10. Mmirza
    Version: 0.0.6
    This is such a solid bot! works so well and smooth!