Prime Abyss Runecrafting 3.0.0

Make Runecrafting great again!

  1. RobinPC
    Prime Abyss Runecrafting
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    Huge variety of runes supported
    • Air runes
    • Mind runes
    • Body runes
    • Water runes
    • Fire runes
    • Earth runes
    • Chaos runes
    • Law runes
    • Cosmic runes
    • Death runes
    • Nature runes
    Full pouch support
    • Supports the small, medium, large and giant pouch.
    • Repairs the pouches automatically when needed.
    • Amulet of Glory
      • The bot will stop when you run out of glories.
      • Make sure there are plenty of glories in your bank.
    • Amulet of Eternal Glory.
    • House teleport
    Obstacle selection
    • Customizing your own route to the Abyss has never been easier! You will be provided with a number of options to customize it to your liking.
    • Each obstacle will display the associated Skill, Success chance and Equipment piece needed to traverse into the Abyss. You can choose which ones you want to use!
    • You can also customize the prioritization on the obstacles. Do you want the bot to always go for the best route? You decide!
    Potions and Food
    • You have the option to use Food & Stamina potions. You can specify which type of food you want to use, as well as the amount to bring every trip.

Recent Reviews

  1. jizzle991
    Version: 2.0.15
    works great so far
  2. GostAnonymous
    Version: 2.0.15
  3. BepisMan92
    Version: 2.0.15
    cant change the rune you're crafting with the bot running, it just keeps to the previous selection. So when levelling, it's a bit awkward to have to pay for a fresh hour to change runes.

    Good otherwise!
  4. CptCodi
    Version: 2.0.15
    I've been using this for a few days now and I've encountered a few things that could be improved on. Otherwise this bot is okay if you don't mind baby sitting.

    - While using essence pouches the bot will often click too fast and will either not fill all of the pouches or not empty all of the pouches resulting in missed XP. I've also seen the bot attempted to fill the pouches too quickly not allowing enough time for the game to fill the pouches thus resulting in completely empty pouches. I've had to fill and or empty the pouches myself several times.

    - I've died once and almost died a second time. The first death was outside of the teleport into the abyss, unfortunately I wasn't watching to see what happened but seeing as I almost died a second time I figured out what happened.
    Upon almost dying the second time I noticed my character was standing still inside of the abyss being attacked. I realized that if the camera is too close to the character there are a few instances where the bot won't recognize what to click or do, so, you just stand there. This is what happened the first time I died, the bot couldn't see the teleport in the wilderness so I died to a skeleton.

    - I'm not sure if this bot is slow or the XP is REALLY that bad for Rune Crafting but I've never gotten above 15k XP per hour regardless of what rune I'm crafting. I'm usually getting around 12-13k XP per hour for Cosmic and Nature runes. I'm just going to assume it's really that slow regardless of running a bot or not.
  5. Arneee2
    Version: 2.0.15
    at first i thought this bot was a little broken, but after some playing around ive managed to get it to work perfectly. as it says on startup, make sure you are in canvas mode and reset client and runemate. also make sure you are zoomed all the way out so the bot has a good field of view, i found zoomed in would get it stuck in the abyss so you stand there until your killed by npcs.

    just make sure you are zoomed all the way out and it works well.

    A+++ Bot
    Version: 2.0.15
  7. Leland Jones
    Leland Jones
    Version: 2.0.15
    I definately think you should add an option that allows for teleporting to abyss through Fairy ring by the GE. It would add another level of safety from going into the wilderness
  8. x3bills
    Version: 2.0.15
    runs flawlessly, up to the point of teleporting.... which is kind of important.
    If you babysit it constantly, theres no point in even botting it.
    everytime it creates runes, it sits there saying "finding entity" so i guess it cant seem to find my glory on my neck?
  9. Aeirlon
    Version: 2.0.15
    I'm not sure what's going on but I can't get it to work. It's just stuck on setting up and starting up bot. It's been sitting there for like 10 minutes now
  10. Joao Paulo Rodrigues
    Joao Paulo Rodrigues
    Version: 2.0.15
    Definitely needs some tweaks, doesn't fill up the rune pouches correctly half of the time. But overall, still gets the job done.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Ask @RuneMate for a refund if you'd like. If the bot can't do a simple interaction, it's not on my end. A simple API call is supposed to handle that.