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Prime Clue Hunter BETA 0.1.6

Got every angle covered.

  1. Defeat3d
    This is a BETA version. Please report any issues in the discussion or in the Discord.

    Please check out the setup and troubleshooting guide before using this bot!

    Supports almost every medium clue step
    Prime Clue Hunter currently supports all medium clue steps, except the following:
    • 09 degrees 33 minutes north, 02 degrees 15 minutes east - requires a special addition to the web (Baxtorian falls)

    • 23 degrees 01 minutes north, 41 degrees 33 minutes east - requires a special addition to the web (Fossil island)
    Custom webwalking
    This bot makes use of a custom webwalking implementation, allowing pathfinding from pretty much anywhere in RuneScape to all supported clue steps, given that the user has the required teleports or items to get there.

    Various teleportation methods
    Prime Clue Hunter currently supports the following teleports:
    • All standard teleport spells, except Kourend (for now)
    • All standard teleport tablets
    • Fairy rings, preferably accessed through Ardougne cloak
    • Most jewellery (Amulet of glory, Ring of dueling, Skills necklace, Games necklace, Explorer's ring, Slayer ring, Ring of wealth)
    • Royal seed pod
    • Ectophial
    • Ardougne cloak to Monastery
    • Glome gliders and spirit trees coming soon!
    Customizable gear and inventory setup
    Prime Clue Hunter will bring any gear and inventory you want it to. The bot will only use teleports and other items available to it, they will not be withdrawn from the bank unless specified.

    Recommended items to bring include:
    • Coins - for boat travel between Ardougne, Rimmington and Brimhaven
    • Dramen/Lunar staff - if you want to use fairy rings (highly advised!), and you don't have the elite Lumbridge diary completed
    • Stamina potion(s) - for increased stamina
    • Runes (Rune pouch works) - for teleportation through spells
    • Teleportation items - for teleportation, pick from supported items
    • Do Not include a Medium clue scroll, Spade or light source in your inventory setup in the settings, however you can start with them in your inventory in game
    Eclectic implings
    Prime Clue Hunter opens Eclectic implings in order to get new clue scrolls. Make sure you stock up on these for long sessions!

    STASH unit handling
    The bot will handle STASH units, given that the user has provided the information required in the settings. If a STASH unit was marked as not built, the bot will take the items from the bank. If it was marked as empty, it will take them from the bank, and then deposit them in the STASH unit.

Recent Reviews

  1. htb5
    Version: 0.1.4
    The only issue is when it banks. It just bank idles. you have to manually click out of bank for it to start walking to clue
  2. jonnysawyer
    Version: 0.1.4
    Wizards tower.. doesn't open door just spam clicks starts if they are closed. good bot expect for a few things like this!