Prime Crabber FREE 2.1.2

Holy Crab!

  1. RobinPC
    Prime Crabber FREE
    * Free version can be used up to 3 hours a week. If you want unlimited access you can use the premium version, found here


    • Crabclaw Isle
    • Crabclaw Cave
    • Rellekka East
    • Rellekka West
    • Zeah Shore
    • Port Phasmatys
    • Slepe
    • Fossil Island*
    * If you are using potions/food, make sure you have built the bank on Fossil Island. Read more about it here

    • Hotspot: Use one location to camp on. Typically useful if you want to afk and still gain a great amount of experience!
    • Active: Run around the designated area to kill crabs! Will often lure additional crabs to maximize the experience rates.
    • Has a system in place to prevent the bot from attacking other people's crabs.
    • The following potions are currently supported
      • Super attack
      • Super strength
      • Super defence
      • Ranging
      • Super combat
    • Enabling them in the UI is very easy. You can specify which type you want to use.
    • Make sure you have enough of these in your bank, otherwise, the bot will stop!
    • A huge variety of food types are supported.
    • Will eat food when a certain threshold is reached. This is all based on PlayerSense values to prevent obvious patterns and create unique ones for each individual player.
    Looting throwables
    • The bot can pick up any throwables you are using by selecting them in the User Interface.
    • If you run out of throwables, no problem! The bot will go to the bank and get new ones, and if you've run out completely, the bot will stop.
    World hopping
    • You have the option to enable world-hopping when you are being crashed by another player, and/or when a cannon is active in your area. Both options are completely optional.

Recent Reviews

  1. tristin3653
    Version: 2.0.2
    Trying out now seems great so far!
  2. mattlawd
    Version: 1.2.2
    Ran all night long. Only negative is when inputting numbers into the break timers etc I cannot see what I am typing. I have to type numbers in notepad and then copy and paste them into to the break timer.
  3. eltoroloco
    Version: 1.0.3
    So far so good. I will be purchasing the pro version.
  4. Jeroen079
    Version: 1.0.3
    only have it for 1 week now and i think this is one of the best ones :)
  5. monsterbutte
    Version: 1.0.3
    Works exactly like its supposed to. Haven't had a problem yet and the timers are very helpful.
  6. kenpachi Zaraki
    kenpachi Zaraki
    Version: 1.0.3
    great as specified and I highly recommend.
  7. JohnPatrick
    Version: 0.0.11
    This is what you call an excellent bot! Very quick and responsive. but most of all very human-like (random clicks/camera movement and quest checking). Also great interactive interface!
    without a doubt the best crab killing bot out there!