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Prime Crabber FREE 4.1.11

Holy Crab!

  1. Jhinn
    Prime Crabber FREE
    Join the Prime Discord server if you need help.

    * The free version can be used up to 3 hours a week. If you want unlimited access you can use the premium version, found here

    • Crabclaw Isle
    • Crabclaw Cave
    • Rellekka East
    • Rellekka West
    • Zeah Shore (East, South, West)
    • Port Phasmatys
    • Slepe
    • Fossil Island*
    * If you are using potions/food, make sure you have built the bank on Fossil Island. Read more about it here

    • Hotspot: Use one location to camp on. Typically useful if you want to afk and still gain a great amount of experience!
    • Active: Run around the designated area to kill crabs! Will often lure additional crabs to maximize the experience rates.
    • Has a system in place to prevent the bot from attacking other people's crabs.
    • Automatically prevents the bot from logging out due to inactivity, in the most human way possible.
    • The following potions are currently supported
      • Attack
      • Strength
      • Defence
      • Combat
      • Ranging
      • Magic
      • Super Attack
      • Super Strength
      • Super Defence
      • Super Combat
      • Divine Super Attack
      • Divine Super Strength
      • Divine Super Defence
      • Divine Super Combat
    • The bot will automatically withdraw new potions from the bank if you run out.
    • Supports every food type in the game.
    • Intelligent food detection. Prime Crabber will scan your bank and identify the best food, and how much food, to use to optimise gameplay and make life easier for you. Alternatively, specify your own food! The UI has a useful tool which allows you to use any food, not just presets like other bots!
    • Will eat food when a certain threshold is reached. This is all based on PlayerSense values to prevent obvious patterns and create unique ones for each individual player.
    • The bot can pick up any type of supported loot in the game, including your valuable throwables.
    • If you run out of throwables, no problem! The bot will go to the bank and get new ones, and if you've run out completely, the bot will stop.
    World hopping
    • You have the option to enable world-hopping when you are being crashed by another player and/or when a cannon is active in your area. Both options are completely optional.

Recent Reviews

  1. John Deaux
    John Deaux
    Version: 4.1.10
    Bot doesn't check if there is someone nearby as often as it should, it often gets stuck idling waiting for crab respawn when another nearby player has full aggro. Bot should world hop more aggressively if started on Fossil island
  2. Gangey
    Version: 4.1.7
    Only resets the crab aggro about 50% of the time in south zeah triple spawn. Gets stuck in a loop where it doesnt run far enough and ends up never resetting aggro.
  3. yardenyo2
    Version: 4.0.12
    great job on this script ! works perfect !
  4. ifreadingthis
    Version: 4.0.8
    Awesome 5 star bot! It would be 6/5 if you make the option to not move the camera.
  5. Swych
    Version: 3.3.5
    Great bot. Does exactly what you need it to do reliably, always my go-to Crabber bot.
  6. gasfactory
    Version: 3.2.4
    Only complaint is that the bot wastes too much time when the aggro timer expires. In Zeah east it runs too far west and starts going in circles before it finally returns. Would definitely get Pro if this issue was fixed
  7. jaowsh
    Version: 3.2.3
    It's awesome. It walks away when they stop attacking, it banks, it's awesome.
  8. Gixxer5
    Version: 3.2.2
  9. amitchtx
    Version: 3.1.11
    Pretty good bot. Does everything as advertised and can run for hours.

    I am rating it 4 stars because it does not pick up throwables as advertised. Other than that, it seems to work seamlessly. It leaves my throwables on the ground. Luckily, this isn't many because I have an accumulator... However, still costing me gp. exp is worth it, though. And it works flawlessly for melee combat.
  10. Ferguson65
    Version: 3.1.5
    When I run out of food client thought I still had 1 swordfish left which I didn’t and if I weren’t baby sitting would have died happed twice