Prime Fishing 5.7.2

A Fisherman's Friend

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    Prime Fishing
    Formerly known as "Celestial Fisher", the 5th major version of the bot got its name through a complete rewrite of the bot structure.
    For $0.08 per hour, you can expect to get 99 fishing without a hassle for the price of a beer crate.
    Whether or not you are aiming for the best experience rates, or want to make some profit while gaining levels, this bot has it all.

    Full banking support

    Almost all locations will have an option to bank your fish. If you wish to only keep the fish you selected, simply toggle the "Drop other fish" option in the configuration menu.
    The "Withdraw more X" setting will keep the bot withdrawing more bait, urns, summoning pouches or juju potions.
    When fishing on Karamja, the bot will note all fish at Stiles if on RS3, or take a ship to the Port Sarim depositbox on OSRS.

    Select this option for maximum XP rates.
    On RS3, the combination between having the fish in your actionbar, and selecting the "F1D1" option is very powerful, it will continuously keep dropping fish without stopping to fish.
    On OSRS/Legacy, fish will be dropped in an efficient up-down order, when using F1D1, the bot will interact with the spot as soon as possible after dropping the fish.

    Extremely fast dropping

    To minimize time wasted while dropping, the bot offers options to make dropping fish as fast as possible.
    On RS3, a cache for keybinds allows the bot to lookup keybinds as quickly as possible, resulting in immediate dropping through the actionbar.
    On OSRS, with the widely used "shift-click dropping" the bot will let the mouse glide over the fish in the inventory while only having to left-click, clearing it within seconds.

    Huge variety of locations

    • Prifddinas Waterfall
      • One of the best fishing locations for experience
      • Can handle the obstacles, but requires to start the bot in the waterfall area
    • Living Rock Caverns
      • Excellent money on the side
      • Option to kill attacking opponents or flee from combat
    • Baxtorian Falls
      • Best experience rates on OSRS
    • Waiko and Whale's Maw (The Arc)
      • Earn easy chimes while training fishing
    • Menaphos - Port district
      • Perfect for ironmen and for farming Menaphos reputation. To bank the fish, unlock the nearby deposit box by gaining port district reputation
    • Piscarilius (Zeah)
      • Only resource of anglerfish, good money for high fishing levels
    • Miscellania
      • Let the bot take care of your approval rating
    • Zul-Andra
      • Bring a knife and farm some of Zulrah's scales
    • Mor Ul Rek
      • Bring a hammer to destroy the eels as an alternative dropping method
    • Fishing Guild, Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Burgh de Rott and many more are supported
    • Should the bot not support the location you want to fish in, either post a request in the supoprt thread, or select the "Current Position" location in order to powerfish at your position.

    Automatically teleports urns if you did not select the in-game option to do so.
    While banking your fish, the bot makes sure that you always have an urn by withdrawing exactly 2 urns. When dropping your fish using the F1D1 technique, it will withdraw up to 12 urns to make less bank trips (given that you selected "Withdraw more urns").

    The three familiars Granite crab, Ibis, and Granite lobster boost your fishing level when summoned, granting a higher catch rate.
    The bot will use summoning potions or flasks to refill your points.

    Perfect juju fishing potions
    Perfect juju fishing potions should be used if you are striving for the best experience rate possible.

    Signs of the porter
    Useful for profit-orientated fish like Rocktail. Simply start the bot with a bunch of signs in your inventory, and let it equip new signs automatically.

    Fish gutting
    When fishing leaping fish or sacred eel on OSRS, the bot will use a knife to gut the fish instead of dropping it, if the option to gut fish has been selected.
    Infernal eels from Mor Ul Rek can be destroyed in a similar manner with a hammer, resulting in decent GP and Tokkul.

    Dragon/Infernal harpoon
    The bot can use the dragon harpoon special attack to keep your fishing level boosted by 3 levels, giving a slightly higher drop rate.

    • When no more urns/pouches/signs/juju potions are found in the inventory or bank, the bot will continue fishing without using that item.
    • The bot will not drop/bank any items unless it is fish
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rangespeckin
    Version: 5.7.2
    perty goo
  2. Haris01211
    Version: 5.7.2
    Keeps getting stuck on dropping fish, does not for like 10 mins then start again after I manually fix it.
  3. neoxyte
    Version: 5.7.2
    Bot works great, antiban is great. Got me 1-82 fishing very fast and safe. One suggestion though: Can we get an option to use the quick deposit box next to the bank door at zeah fishing (anglerfish)? Using the bank booth instead of the deposit box is very strange and you can easily tell who is botting by looking at those that use the bank booth instead of quick deposit. Thanks.
  4. yuukit
    Version: 5.7.2
    Got finally 99 fishing used bot 40-99 fishing and no ban so i'm very happy for this bot :) thx and totally worth cost
  5. lambo12000
    Version: 5.7.2
    Works well powerfishing trout with the break handler however it does not work fishing at Karamja. It imminently gets stuck in a loop when it try's to walk to the fishing spot from the boat.
  6. Just a regular dude
    Just a regular dude
    Version: 5.7.2
    best fishing bot out there! kind of wishing for a option to hop worlds in the future between breaks!
    1. Savior
      Author's Response
      Yes someone else requested that too, it will be included in the next major version change
  7. Vorlox
    Version: 5.7.2
    I have been using Prime Fishing since I jumped ship from Powerbot to Runemate. Prime Fishing works flawlessly, I've gone from 40 - 73 Fishing in a day and a half with the extremely easy to use break manager. Definitely worth the 8c an hour.
  8. cheeznuts
    Version: 5.7.2
    Would be nice if default option was to bank and not powerfish as I fished sharks for about 7 hours before realizing I was dropping them all.... Otherwise I don't have any complaints, perfect bot
  9. Jasontc13
    Version: 5.7.2
    Great script with many features! Has a very minor bug on Karamja. When traveling on the boat it spam clicks on the mini map before the ship arrives. So the bot run to one end of the boat and takes a few seconds until it gets of the ship.
  10. Cerule
    Version: 5.7.2
    Pretty solid bot but if you catch a Clue Bottle it won't bank it! Just banks fish and then keeps the clue bottle in your inventory indefinitely... Needs to be fixed because if someone notices you fishing like that it will seem like a bot