Prime Hunter 0.7.2b

The Hunter that never rests!

  1. Defeat3d
    Prime Hunter
    Formerly known as "Celestial Hunter".


    WARNING: This bot will not evade combat or pkers yet!

    Birds and chinchompas
    This bot support birds and chinchompas of all types and at all locations except the wilderniss.

    This bot supports salamanders. Be careful, this bot will not take your waterskins or the fact that pkers can attack you in account.

    This bot fully supports falconry as long as you're either wearing the gloves or you have at least 500 gp in your inventory.

    Customizable formations
    Don't like using the standard trap formations? That's no problem with Prime Hunter. You can change the existing presets or create your own formation with a few clicks in a slick menu.

    Prioritization with projection
    Prioritization is done in the most efficient order (filling empty spots -> rebuilding collapsed traps -> collecting successful traps -> dismantling unsuccessful traps), and state projection is used to determine what spot has to be handled next, resulting in higher experience and gold rates.

    Efficient inventory handling
    Your inventory will only be cleaned up if there's nothing else to do, or if your inventory doesn't have enough spots to collect your successful traps. This way you'll be wasting as little time as possible.

    Customizable break handling
    This bot allows you to set up your own break profiles, or you can let the bot itself generate one for you. Your traps will be picked up before taking a break, and set back up when done breaking.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sobola5
    Version: 0.7.2b
    prime hunter is a great bot and i know many people using is past 99 with no bans. however i would reccomend fixing the breaks. when i go to set it to take breaks it will log me out for the first break and not be able to log me back in even tho the initial log in to the account is done by runemate not me
  2. Negrita
    Version: 0.7.2b
    Amazing bot. Runs for hours without hiccups.
  3. bakame1
    Version: 0.7.2b
    Gained over 60m hunter xp with this bot, Thx so much :D
  4. robotics
    Version: 0.7.2b
    i literally got 63-99 and currently still hunting sitting me at 15m xp
  5. Unsolved
    Version: 0.7.2b
    Absolutely amazing bot! 0 issues with birds/falconry/sallys
  6. TheArabPanzer
    Version: 0.7.2b
    Thank you for the script. It is pretty good capturing red chinchompas. It does misclick very frequently though. Seems a little bot-like. It needs an update.
  7. bootywizard
    Version: 0.7.2b
    about 2 weeks ago this Bot worked perfectly . Now the bot misclicks runs back and fourth between traps and is noticeably more sluggish on efficiency/profit per hour. Needs an update bad.
  8. chris6873
    Version: 0.7.2b
    needs an update this is a ban waiting to happen too many miss clicks . needs shift drop
  9. Billybob6969
    Version: 0.7.2b
    Might be time for an update. Idk if its my internet causing the bot to misclick everything, or if it needs to updated. it was working fine yesterday..
  10. Beano
    Version: 0.7.2b
    Works well on everything I tried. Used it 8 hours a for the past week and still no warnings I will update this if I get banned. ----- The Reason I gave 4 instead of 5 is because the custom breaking doesn't ever save and just shows a blank table. If you try to switch it back to default breaking it will still show a blank table. It's either use the pre-made Breaking system or don't break at all. It's inconvinient since I cant leave the bot to run for 6-8 hours a day then have it break for the rest. I have to keep checking on it every once in a while to make sure it still works. ----- Overall I would recommend this bot 100%