Prime Hunter

A true hunter never rests.

  1. Defeat3d
    Prime Hunter
    The hunter that never rests! Unless you configure it to, ofcourse.

    Birds and chinchompas
    This bot support birds and chinchompas of all types and at all locations except the wilderness. You can also opt to use the "Reset" option on traps if you're hunting for chinchompas.

    This bot supports salamanders. Be careful, this bot will not take your waterskins or the fact that players can attack you in account.

    This bot fully supports falconry. Automatically hunts for the highest level kebbit your account has access to.

    Failure proof
    Getting crashed? No problem. Prime Hunter will detect your spots being taken, and will simply start placing them somewhere nearby instead. Don't want to share a spot with someone else? Enable the worldhopper (more information below).

    Customizable formations
    Don't like using the standard trap formations? You can create your own formation with a few clicks in a slick configurator. Your position in game in used as a base, so make sure you're logged in before you press start.

    Prioritization with projection
    Prioritization is done in the most efficient order (filling empty spots/rebuilding collapsed traps -> collecting successful traps -> dismantling unsuccessful traps), and state projection is used to determine what spot has to be handled next, resulting in higher experience and gold rates.

    Efficient inventory handling
    Your inventory will only be cleaned up if there's nothing else to do, or if your inventory doesn't have enough spots to collect your traps. This way you'll be wasting as little time as possible.

    World hopper
    Want to hop worlds when there are too many players in your domain? Then enable the world hopper. You can set it up to hop when there are more than x players within your domain, for longer than x seconds. You can also set your preferred countries in order to find low ping worlds.

    Break handler
    Real players get real tired of hunter. And you can configure Prime Hunter to simulate that behaviour. Simply enable the break handler and configure it. Prime Hunter will pick up your traps before taking a long break, or will just afk if the duration is short enough.

Recent Reviews

  1. sunalot
    with some flaws but do catches chins really well. (world hopping must be disabled at least for me, its better to disable everything and just run the chin hunting code)
  2. omaraad
    works 2/3 of the time pretty well for box traps. terrible net trap bot.
  3. Narihisago
    It works fine, but when doing salamanders, it doesn't pick up nets and ropes until you only have one set in your inventory. Please fix this asap.
  4. Manubrah
    works fine other then the fact it stops picking up the nets and rope until theres only 1 set in your inventory, does not lose the last set though
  5. Xiphia
    Changed from a 3 to a 2 as I typed this as I just checked up on the bot and its standing still with the camera just spinning round in circles trying to cut a tree.

    Falconry bot doesn't work unless you've already got the falcon in hand which wasn't specified so, good 20-30 cents wasted figuring out if it was the bot or my issue.

    Sometimes this bot works ok - getting 35k xp/hr at falconry from 48-60 so about half the xp rates if I played legit.

    Bot is extremely slow, does break often, multiple times I came back to check on it to find i'd gained 8k xp in an hour and its been clicking on kebbits even though the falcon has ran away.

    Salamanders was hilarious, I tried red sallys twice and both times bringing 10 nets/rope. Bot didn't last 10 minutes before all supplies used, it prioritises resetting traps rather than collecting salamanders that have been caught so it sometimes actually doesn't get to the trap in time to get the hunter xp.


    This bot is most definitely not worth $0.10/hour however If babysat you can make it function at falconry for half the usual xp rates.

    Salamanders seriously require some work on it and I found it funny I was paying for to use it.

    This is not to take away from the hard work the author has put into this script as I have not tried chinchompas.
  6. plsdonthackme
    the only thing that could make this bot better is if it dis missed random events
  7. Topaze
    Very good,
    Problem that ive noticed, when using the script for falconry and the falcon goes off the screen, the scrip will not move the camera and wont do anything.
  8. MikeLaury
    used a couple of times but it fails to pick up rope and net for salamanders, even with extra in inventory to compensate, starts with 4 traps ends with just one or two because not retrieving the items properly.
    Paid bot should be better.
  9. Krismate
    Used a little bit because i was forced into the paid script because the free one doesn't work (says 2 hours is up, never used before). However, when hunting birds I do not like how it still manages to bury bones every now and then with the "bury bones" setting turned off. No good for people who dont want to level prayer
  10. 40ozDillon
    Absolutely superb. 60-99 on salamanders with 0 problems. Thank you!