Prime Hunter

A true hunter never rests.

  1. Defeat3d
    Prime Hunter
    The hunter that never rests! Unless you configure it to, ofcourse.

    Birds and chinchompas
    This bot support birds and chinchompas of all types and at all locations except the wilderness. You can also opt to use the "Reset" option on traps if you're hunting for chinchompas.

    This bot supports salamanders. Be careful, this bot will not take your waterskins or the fact that players can attack you in account.

    This bot fully supports falconry. Automatically hunts for the highest level kebbit your account has access to.

    Failure proof
    Getting crashed? No problem. Prime Hunter will detect your spots being taken, and will simply start placing them somewhere nearby instead. Don't want to share a spot with someone else? Enable the worldhopper (more information below).

    Customizable formations
    Don't like using the standard trap formations? You can create your own formation with a few clicks in a slick configurator. Your position in game in used as a base, so make sure you're logged in before you press start.

    Prioritization with projection
    Prioritization is done in the most efficient order (filling empty spots/rebuilding collapsed traps -> collecting successful traps -> dismantling unsuccessful traps), and state projection is used to determine what spot has to be handled next, resulting in higher experience and gold rates.

    Efficient inventory handling
    Your inventory will only be cleaned up if there's nothing else to do, or if your inventory doesn't have enough spots to collect your traps. This way you'll be wasting as little time as possible.

    World hopper
    Want to hop worlds when there are too many players in your domain? Then enable the world hopper. You can set it up to hop when there are more than x players within your domain, for longer than x seconds. You can also set your preferred countries in order to find low ping worlds.

    Break handler
    Real players get real tired of hunter. And you can configure Prime Hunter to simulate that behaviour. Simply enable the break handler and configure it. Prime Hunter will pick up your traps before taking a long break, or will just afk if the duration is short enough.

Recent Reviews

  1. pulbicdomain123
    Works great. However, bot does not lay 6 traps when hunting black chins.
  2. Blazedpacman
    used this bot on last acc to 99 and now using on new acc till 99 or pet lol. Is it possible to be at black chins and use red chins script? havent tried and dont want to and bot has a meltdown and i get flagged.
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      You can use it at black chins, it just wont do anything to prevent pkers.
  3. Igetmormoney
    amazing i love the hunter cause i dont actually have to do it lol
  4. BabblingBamboon
    Amazing bot. But there is a major flaw. after 1 and a half inventories worth of red salamanders is collected, it will equip the salamander. Giving anyone who knows this bot the instant notification essentially that a player is using this bot.
  5. Savior
    Oh that does seem like an issue, may i put you on hold for a brief moment?
  6. Austin Hoke
    Austin Hoke
    Derk and Savior it is a wonderful bot a great one at that however from what i have seen on multiple occasions since i have started using this there are times where osrs client gets updated then your disconnected from the serve the bot developer need to make it so the bot will auto shut down when you are not with the game for more then 2 minutes so that the bot can no longer freely take your money. i really do miss the old days where i could just pay a price and perma buy the bot, however most of those websites either charge far to much or the bots are not reliable at all and that is a concern.
  7. Derk
    I agree with Austin Hoke, the bot is 5/5 and the auto shutdown feature has saved me a lot of money so far
  8. eMiSk
    Great script, have recommended to friends.

    Works amazing with Red Chins & Red Salamanders despite only being able to run 3 traps at Salamanders. For some unknown reason the bot never checks and resets the south eastern tree. Still reaching xp rates of up to 80k an hour at salamanders on 3 traps.

    Doesn't really work all to great for me personally at the Falconry kebbits, but I think my slow computer has something to do with that.

    Can run for hours without babysitting. (At your own risk!)
  9. darkstar135
    Don't get me mistaken, the falconry aspect works flawlessly.

    But, with chinchompas, what is this? With any setting variation, the script will place the first box trap, walk back on top of that trap and subsequently try and lay another trap. I used this script to get 99 hunter via chins a couple years back, but on my newest account this is entirely unachievable.
  10. DiiCE3
    Used for falconry, worked pretty well. Salmanders is everything but efficient.