Prime NMZ Lite 3.11.0

The dreamiest way to 126!

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    The most advanced Nightmare Zone bot on the market...

    Prime NMZ is a highly advanced bot with numerous features and the ability to carry your account into the next world.


    Currently supported:
    -Purchasing of potions
    -Purchasing dreams
    --Setup of new dreams including re-stocking on potions
    -Customising dreams
    -All "Rumble" dream difficulties
    -Special attack support
    --Power Surge detection and usage
    -Multiple equipment setups
    --Equipment setup leverages the use of (optional) Regex Patterns, so you can use any item
    -Absorption potions
    -Overload potions
    -Prayer potions
    -Banking for prayer potions
    -Rockcake support (even for Prayer mode!)
    -Use custom number of each potion
    -Rapid-heal flicking
    -Early-leaving detection
    -Blowpipe expiry detection
    -Barrow's armour expiry detection
    -Force-logout detection
    -Full functional break-handler
    -Out-of-ammo detection
    -Coins-in-coffer detection
    -In-depth statistical analysis
    -AFK detection, in case you get stuck
    -Prime UI
    --Break Handling
    --In-game chat handler
    --Tray notification on PM/Mention
    --Skill statistics

    Up and coming:
    -Chivalry/Piety/Other support during Prayer dream.

    Got a request? Let me know on the Discussion thread.


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Recent Reviews

  1. tdotsfinest52
    Version: 3.11.0
    It worked but all of a sudden it closes as soon as I tell it to start the script, super annoying used to be the best script.
  2. rhmskvch
    Version: 3.9.2
    This was the best bot i had ever used. Untill there were some changes made to it, it logs out after an hour of use and consumes the remaining ''free'' hours. Absolutely wastes all your absorptions and overloads that are still active. Please FIX
  3. boredboi
    Version: 3.9.2
    Wasted my potions... it stopped the dream when I had 390 absorption points left + 2 overloads + 3 absorption pots. Now I don't have enough points to get my full set of pots... Giving 3 stars because it works well besides that VERY annoying problem... fix it
  4. brand572
    Version: 3.9.2
    Used to be my absolute favourite script but after some update made during the past 2 weeks it's gone completely downhill. Stops after 30-40 mins every single time and is effectively a waste of potions and 26k.
  5. EGFRnephrin
    Version: 3.9.2
    Great script! Absolutely flawless!
  6. ownage
    Version: 3.9.2
    keeps logging out an our or 2 after starting very annoying when you go to bed needing 170k to 98 shoud wake up to 99 and u still need 13k to 98
  7. cristhebomb1
    Version: 3.9.2
    very good while in nmz. The only problem I'm having is when the dream has ended if i still have potions in the inventory the bot will not know to bank them and grab more. the bot will just stop working and log out. This seems to be only with overloads and prayer potions. On the other hand if I'm out of pots it banks and restarts flawlessly.
  8. Bot4Pure
    Version: 3.9.2
    Simple to use and works flawlessly
  9. HMoseley
    Version: 3.9.2
    This bot is absolutely FLAWLESS. I have only been using the lite version but as soon as that runs up I will be converting to the paid one. Awesome.
  10. hallyy
    Version: 3.9.2
    helped me a lot! it has a few bugs but none that are new