Prime Red Berries 0.0.1

The prime way to collect your red berries

  1. frazboyz
    Collects red berries in Varrock and banks them.

Recent Reviews

  1. JennyRotten
    Version: 0.0.1
    I give you a 3 for a rating, because everything seems to work, except if you check the log while the script is running, then check the error box, it says 00:00:00 SEVERE robot.IIiIIIIiII: Server responded with failure code 2. Can you please explain what this is and how to fix this? After it says that, it runs to the red berries, then it jsut stands there. I had it there for liek 12 minutes, with nothing happening. The log says that error I gave you, and also "Predicting Berry Spawn". But it just stands there doing nothing forever.