Prime Thieving 0.3.2

Flawless thieving throughout RuneScape

  1. Guru
    Flawlessly pickpockets NPC's and stalls throughout Gielinor

    Currently Supports:

    • Npcs
      • Man (Lumbridge)
      • Guard (Varrock, Falador, Ardy)
      • Master Farmer (Draynor)
      • Knights of Ardy (Ardy)
        • Automatically enters houses, and pickpockets knights inside the houses.
        • Moves appropriately to allow Knight to move to stop depsawning
    • Stalls
      • Cake Stall
      • Silk Stall

    General Features
    • Supports eating, including full banking and walking to the nearest bank
    • Playersensed & Antiban'd to ensure the bot is as undetectable as possible
    • Supports dropping items and banking items
      • Full choice of what items to drop and what items to keep
    • Written by the Prime team - Providing the Highest quality bots.

    In the future this will have more npcs and stalls added and will also eventually support Thievable chests etc.

Recent Reviews

  1. bootywizard
    Version: 0.2.0
    The bot has a lot of potential but does not quite deliver. Used at master farmer in draynor with a few white listed seeds. Bot will randomly run to the bank with food in inv and just keep double clicking seeds instead of dropping. Ran for 3 mins, any longer and I would be afraid for my acc.
  2. tmychen925
    Version: 0.0.5
    Excellent thieving bot, especially at Knights of Ardougne. :D
  3. Victim
    Version: 0.0.3
    Best thieving bot I've used so far.