Prime Tutorial Island 2.0.1

There is no bot better or safer than this

  1. Guru
    The best tutorial island bot out there. Keeping your account from bans

    • Supports Bulk Account Creation!
    • Player Sensed
    • Antipattened
    • A classic high quality Prime Product.

Recent Reviews

  1. Snufalufugus
    Version: 2.0.1
    5 Stars, but plenty of room for improvement.

    Places this bot excels:
    1) The bot works well and is, in my experience, bug-free
    2) Bulk .csv import of account information to streamline the process
    3) A good amount of playersense

    Areas for improvement:
    1) I firmly believe tutorial island is the most watched place for bots in the game. OSRS relies heavily on it, which is why it can't be skipped like RS3's tutorial.

    Because of this, I think having a 'good amount' of playersense isn't enough. Anti-patterns aren't worth as much as usual in a bot with 0 repetitiveness like this, and there were MANY overlooked or ignored opportunities to add more playersense so that no two accounts are created the same way.

    2) The bot takes about 10 minutes per account. While not a horrible pace (Tick-perfect is about 4.5min), this could be improved a lot by speeding up the character creation somehow.