Prime Wintertodt 1.7.2

The Wintertodt shall fear ye!

  1. Party
    Extinguishes the Wintertodt skilling boss like a real hero!

    Prime Wintertodt - The Premium Firemaking Solution

    Prime Wintertodt sees the revival of a previous Prime bot, only bigger, better and bolder! This bot combines intelligent safety mechanisms and adjustable combat priorities with passion and rigidity you'd expect from any Prime release.

    Prime Wintertodt heavily utilizes the PlayerSense API and intelligent anti-patterns in order to maximize your account safety, whilst remaining efficient at playing the game.

    Full feature list
    • Multiple kills per trip - choose how many kills you'd like to attempt per bank trip!
    • Multi-method approach - Fletching or simply burning, you decide!
    • Food customization and Regex support - Use any food in the game that you can eat or drink. Predefined patterns are also available in the bot interface to allow users to use dosed food, such as cakes or Saradomin brews.
    • Post-encounter AFK - Only want 500 points per kill? Toggle the ability to safely AFK.
    • PlayerSense - Creates distinct player profiles to build up a play style for your specific character!
    • Intelligent anti-ban - Along-side PlayerSense, Prime Wintertodt will perform numerous minute tasks to reduce any risk of you being banned!
    • Early exit - Will detect if you need to abort an encounter for whatever reason... Can't have you dying!
    • Quick-banking - Choose whether or not you wish to open your crates before banking them!
    Prime API Features
    • Clean and interactive user interface - Utilizes JavaFX to it's full extent to bring you an incredibly pleasant experience.
    • Break handling - interactive and highly adjustable break handler.
    • Care for quality - you won't find another team of authors that cares for your experience more than us.
    • Lite - lite versions of our bots will be made available, so you can try before you buy!

Recent Reviews

  1. Ashton219
    Version: 1.7.2
    Got my rebuild from 51-99 in about two weeks of only 4-9 hours a day. Longest was 12 hours. No serious issues except sometimes if it catches some lag itll get hung up on the rightclick of the food then kick back saying it cannot locate the food and log you. Has happened quite a few times at the 20-30min mark and then bot shuts down, bummer on that note. HOWEVER, got me 14m fm xp on one acc, now im sending a lvl three acc to get 200m fm xp. From 51-99 i made 14ish Mil, no phoenix, the bot seldom gets over 750 points. EITHER WAY 5/5 Party makes great bots.
  2. Delta114
    Version: 1.7.2
    Brand New Account for Testing 50-80 Firemaking in 3 days, will update when I hit 99 (I'm sure it will). I've been being a little safe..
  3. Totunforster
    Version: 1.7.2
    This is an amazing script, I got 200m FM making on it, botted 10+ hours a day.
  4. morbos1
    Version: 1.7.2
    works well
  5. chris henderson
    chris henderson
    Version: 1.7.2
    works well. The bot will exit the boss arena when out of food. You should make it so it afks in safe area till end of the fight. so you will still get a supply crate.
  6. Mega bot
    Mega bot
    Version: 1.7.2
    Unreal..... dude keep pumping the scripts out you do such a good job
  7. segfault
    Version: 1.7.2
    1) Says there is no food when there is food in the bank.
    2) Does overeat every time - it eats one more than it needs to.
    3) It doesn't detect when pyromancer needs healing & it doesn't change pyre.
  8. Oridian
    Version: 1.7.2
    As others have said it works well enough but there's a few things that come to my attention.
    1. Sometimes it runs behind the bank and has to run back again
    2. It doesn't seem to notice when the pyromancer needs healing so it just spam clicks the pyre making no progress. Haven't seen it switch sides once and had to babysit it.
    3. If there's too many people around they pyre, when you have an inventory of logs it'll right click but then not do anything. Almost like it can't find the "Walk here" option with the long list of names.
    4. Sometimes toward end of games at ~475 points it'll try cut an entire inventory of logs which ends up running out of time so I don't get a reward.
    Other than those very good bot and shall continue to use.
  9. Cameron97
    Version: 1.7.2
    this bot works so well in such a fast paced boss fight.
  10. HackyHacky
    Version: 1.7.2
    Only prime bot that I wouldn't use. Buggy, very botlike behavior. Only getting 3 stars until it's updated.