Prime Zulrah FREE 1.3.9

The snake charmer.

  1. Defeat3d
    Please check out the setup and troubleshooting guide before using this bot!

    Mage only mode
    For those that would like to preserve resource, and those that struggle to kill Zulrah, Prime Zulrah support mage only mode.

    Don't have access to Anti-venom? The bot supports all types of Antipoison and Antidote!

    Death walk
    In case your character dies during battle with Zulrah, the bot will travel back to Zul-andra to collect your items and continue the gains! Make sure you have at least one Zul-andra teleport in the bank.

    PlayerSensed positioning
    Not everyone positions the same way within the shrine, so why would Prime Zulrah? This bot generates a positioning profile for every new account.

    Orb walking
    Prime Zulrah is capable of timing attacks in between movement in the most efficient manner. This way, no attacks are lost while preparing for the next phase.

    No defence mode
    Do you have a PK build? You can opt to avoid gaining defence experience, so you don't have to worry about ruining your build.

    Multiple methods of traversal
    Prime Zulrah supports traversing to Zul-andra using either Ardougne cloak, fairy ring and stepping stone, or Zul-andra teleports. More to come!

    Wide variety of gear
    Whether you're a normal account or an ironman, rich or poor, Prime Zulrah supports the gear you own.

    Supported magic weapons include:
    Iban's staff
    Trident of the seas
    Trident of the swamp
    Sanguinesti staff
    Tumeken's shadow
    Twisted bow
    Bow of faerdhinen
    Warning: Autocasts other than Iban Blast are not supported yet!

    Supported ranged weapons include:
    Toxic blowpipe
    Armadyl crossbow
    Rune crossbow
    Twisted bow
    Bow of faerdhinen
    Crystal bow

    Supported gear includes:
    Serpentine helm
    Void equipment
    Barrows equipment
    Ring of suffering
    Ring of recoil
    ... And any gear that doesn't break or run out of charges!

    Recharging gear
    Want to run Prime Zulrah for longer periods of time? No problem.

    The bot will recharge or repair the following gear for you:
    Serpentine helm
    Trident of the seas
    Trident of the swamp
    Sanguinesti staff
    Toxic blowpipe


Recent Reviews

  1. SilentNight2
    Version: 1.3.1
    Just teleports to ferox and back with zulandra teleport. Can't overstate enough how disappointed I am.
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      read the instructions
  2. Fred12124
    Version: 1.3.1
    Bot always leaves 1 invent slot free even when a free spot isn't required, has horrid pathing in some phases and stands in the venom clouds, in the melee phases it cancels attacks by spam clicking on the floor when there is time to attack and then move 0 kills out of 4 attempts.
  3. Dodgement
    Version: 1.3.1
    The bot dies after every 3-4 kills it gets from zulrah. Also it's prioritizing switching gear over eating so when it phases it does like 30 damage.