Prime Zulrah

The snake charmer.

  1. Defeat3d
    Please check out the setup and troubleshooting guide before using this bot!

    Death walk
    In case your character dies during battle with Zulrah, the bot will travel back to Zul-andra to collect your items and continue the gains! Make sure you have at least one Zul-andra teleport in the bank.

    PlayerSensed positioning
    Not everyone positions the same way within the shrine, so why would Prime Zulrah? This bot generates a positioning profile for every new account.

    Orb walking
    Prime Zulrah is capable of timing attacks in between movement in the most efficient manner. This way, no attacks are lost while preparing for the next phase.

    No defence mode
    Do you have a PK build? You can opt to avoid gaining defence experience, so you don't have to worry about ruining your build.

    Multiple methods of traversal
    Prime Zulrah supports traversing to Zul-andra using either Ardougne cloak, fairy ring and stepping stone, or Zul-andra teleports. More to come!

    Wide variety of gear
    Whether you're a normal account or an ironman, rich or poor, Prime Zulrah supports the gear you own.

    Supported magic weapons include:
    Trident of the seas
    Trident of the swamp
    Sanguinesti staff
    Twisted bow
    Warning: magic weapons that require autocasting a spell such as Iban's staff, or basically any other staff, are not supported yet!

    Supported ranged weapons include:
    Toxic blowpipe
    Armadyl crossbow
    Rune crossbow
    Twisted bow
    Crystal bow

    Supported gear includes:
    Serpentine helm
    Void equipment
    Barrows equipment
    Ring of suffering
    Ring of recoil
    ... And any gear that doesn't break or run out of charges!

    Recharging gear
    Want to run Prime Zulrah for longer periods of time? No problem.

    The bot will recharge or repair the following gear for you:
    Serpentine helm
    Trident of the seas
    Trident of the swamp
    Sanguinesti staff
    Toxic blowpipe

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Recent Reviews

  1. RobinPC
    Prime Zulrah's price has been reduced to $0.14/h to account for Zulrah nerfs, it makes it a bit more worth using now!
  2. Thebot13
    Defeat3d, this bot needs an update. If you are going to charge .20/hr atleast update it once a month to fix the small bugs that arise. There is no reason we should pay this much per hour if we have to baby sit it. It works for the most part, but 75% time I come to check on the bot after 3-4 hours, it's either stuck clicking on logs at lumbridge bank for some reason, or it's logged out due to a bug failsafe.
  3. Luhxx
    Not Functional dont spend money on it
  4. sl1c3nd1ce
    has charged 60 cents so far when I haven't been using it for more than a hour. I have 99 def 99 range 99 mage 99 hps and this horrible bot has literally killed zulrah once but I've died 3 times, where is the profit with using any of these bots definitely this one? you want to charge more per hour using this than the bot will make in the game. its cheaper to buy the gold.
  5. wet splashes
    wet splashes
    it doesn't track profit
  6. Miksumi55
    Well, It does the kill ant teleports but won't bank. I have tried restarting the bot/client but it won bank after teleport. Feels pepe man
  7. DimitriWhite
    Works great.

    Two potential improvements:
    Char positioning on melee phase (takes a hit on east side)
    Stands in venom cloud while attacking

    It would also be nice have an option to cast Vengeance as well(:

    Thanks for your hard work!
  8. vhydro
    Works well and gets kills efficiently.

    However, I would like to see the option to use (Super) Anti-Poison x2 or Cure-Me added, this would make the Bot far better on ironman accounts who don't have many Anti-venom.
  9. Scottastle
    Works Flawlessly, done over 1k kc on it now!
  10. GlowoWhop