Quality Divination Lite

Catch 'em all and be the very best!

  1. Qosmiof2
    How to use the UI

    Supports cursed energy conversion as well.

    - use legacy INTERFACE mode
    - lock chat (so it is not always ready to type)
    - use fixed screen
    - make sure to never run out of rings in bank
    - add your currencies to your pouch

    Bot setup guide: Quality Divination AIO
    Moneymaking guide: RS3 - How to make loads of IRL GP with 0 requirements

    Set up [BREAK HANDLER]:

    min start hour: time of the day when bot can start.
    max start hour: time of the day when bot can start.
    ------- random started between these hours -------

    min playtime: minimum hours to bot in that 24 hour period.
    max playtime: maximum hours to bot in that 24 hour period.
    ------- random calculated between these hours -------

    Set up [CURSED]:

    1. Specify at what amount of energies should the bot bank.
    2. Specify at what HP percent should the bot back off to bank.
    3. Set amount where bot backs off if it is endangered.
    4. Select action to interact rift with.
    5. Breaks are set up automatically. Can run 24/7 as well.

    Have ring of wealth on your actionbar AND in your BANK.
    endangered -> Players capable of attacking you with skull near you.


Recent Reviews

  1. sugarcool123
    Version: 3.2.8
    Good but theres no cursed.
  2. LeadFighter
    Version: 3.2.5
    The bot is fantastic, works very fast and efficient. I have experienced 0 down time and it always seems to work. 80-90 div on this thing. Sadly, I'll have to do 95-99 on my own as the LITE version does not support incandescent....Hell, I like it so much I might buy the full version! One thing I wish it did was collect Chronicles! That would make it perfect.
    1. Qosmiof2
  3. DooberKiller
    Version: 3.2.15
    Flawless, got from 60-80 no problems, and the bot behaves quite human-like no erratic clicking or anything like that.
  4. dogetrix
    Version: 3.2.13
    Good bot and fast, no ban for almost 2 weeks now. (I didn't know incandescents were premium only oops)
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      Good to hear that. Thank you
  5. madesire
    Version: 3.0.1
    There are some bugs with cursed energy. Sometimes it fails to convert the cursed energy on a rift. It stands, moves mouse around and doesn't click on the rift waited for a long time to see what will happen but it didn't do anything.. Mobilising armies spot didn't know how it happened but I found my main teleported with spirit tree and standing not cool.. Conclusion it works but better not to leave it alone, I tried 2 times it failed hard both..
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      This was due to clouse iirc
  6. ReDuXi
    Version: 3.0.1
    This actually the fastest bot that I've found untill now. Never had any problems. GJ!
  7. Cibermonster
    Version: 3.0.1
    Nov 18th 2016: Bot runs well! No issues in my experience.
  8. Gengsta
    Version: 3.0.0
    The new version includes what has been private for 2-3 months, polished into perfection. I have been using the breakhandler since the first release and it's really amazing.
  9. Legacy2020
    Version: 3.0.0
    Literally everything you want from a div Script, it deserves a 5 star as its flawless and has got me multiple levels and multiple pets . Made hundreds of mills with this script so far
  10. RandomBot1
    Version: 2.0.8
    The bot is well scripted and polished. The anti ban is very good and for the most part seems safe to bot for long durations of time. The movement and clicking of wisps could be a little faster however I am very happy. 9/10