Quality Divination 4.0.3

Catch 'em all and be the very best!

  1. Qosmiof2
    How to use the UI

    Supports cursed energy conversion as well.

    - use legacy INTERFACE mode
    - lock chat (so it is not always ready to type)
    - use fixed screen
    - make sure to never run out of rings in bank
    - add your currencies to your pouch

    Bot setup guide: Quality Divination AIO
    Moneymaking guide: RS3 - How to make loads of IRL GP with 0 requirements

    Set up [BREAK HANDLER]:

    min start hour: time of the day when bot can start.
    max start hour: time of the day when bot can start.
    ------- random started between these hours -------

    min playtime: minimum hours to bot in that 24 hour period.
    max playtime: maximum hours to bot in that 24 hour period.
    ------- random calculated between these hours -------

    Set up [CURSED]:

    1. Specify at what amount of energies should the bot bank.
    2. Specify at what HP percent should the bot back off to bank.
    3. Set amount where bot backs off if it is endangered (it will teleport ONLY if you have more or equal than the amount you specified here in your inventory)
    4. Select action to interact rift with.
    5. Breaks are set up automatically. Can run 24/7 as well.

    Have ring of wealth on your actionbar AND in your BANK.
    endangered -> Players capable of attacking you with skull near you.


Recent Reviews

  1. Klaymor64
    Version: 4.0.3
    Was excited to switch from a free bot to this one. Unfortunately, this bot clicks a new wisp colony every two to three seconds, so there's 8 wisp colonies active at a time. Do not use this bot unless you want to look highly suspicious to other players.
    1. Qosmiof2
  2. athena452
    Works great, awesom work.
  3. Mirko
    Been baby sitting this bot for multiple times. It's outdated and broken. Dies to NPC's all the time because of standing still in multi zones. Script is slow as fuck... Sorry dude
  4. alonzo morin
    alonzo morin
    Version: 3.2.7
    I'm still giving it a 5 but I get a 2 day ban so u might wanna update some where I used for over a month nd I just got the ban
  5. Bill Kooly
    Bill Kooly
    Version: 3.2.6
    Made the cash for a bond very quickly! Few tips I have for new users: 1) Do not watch the bot. You will get flustered when you see it get pk'd. 2) I recommend powering to 55 as you get energies 2x as fast and doesn't take long to level. Still going strong :)
  6. American Express
    American Express
    Version: 3.2.5
    Awesome bot, really stable and efficient. Getting me around 7.5k incandescent energy per hour. Reliable break handler helps to keep things safe.
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      That was fast. Thank you
  7. alonzo morin
    alonzo morin
    Version: 3.2.4
    awesome script just 1 minor flaw it uses the ring of wealth twice. id like to get my full 4 charges lol its not a big deal though awesome script 5 stars easy :)
  8. lucasjeglic
    Version: 3.2.151
    The best bot i ever used, simple setup, yet effective, Its excelent.
  9. shadowhunter
    Version: 3.2.15
    I was going to give this 4 stars, (I'd give it 4.5 if it was possible) but I didn't wanna be that guy to ruin the 5 star streak. This bot is extremely good, and I recommend it to anybody looking for a divination bot, especially cursed.

    However, there a few EXTREMELY MINOR flaws I've found.

    1. The bot will typically teleport to the GE twice in one run, therefor using two uses on the ring in one trip, this is not a big deal at all. Although it can cut the length your rings will last in your bank in half. Although you're obviously making way more than you're spending on rings. AND you can just sell back the rings with no uses left.

    2. There were a few instances I was 1 banged by pkers and the bot didn't world hop after it died, even though I had world hop set to after every attack.

    3. There was ONE time i saw this bot misclick and attack a player while harvesting wisps. I think it was trying to click the wisp and clicked the player by accident. This can be fixed though, simply go into your combat settings and change it so you don't have the ability to attack NPC's or players. And boom problem solved. (Also recommended to turn off auto retaliate, obviously)

    That's about it for the cons, again all VERY MINOR. This is an amazing bot, keep up the good work man (:
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      Thank you. It will only hop if you have enough energies at the time of the attack. Thats why it didnt teleport too probably.

      And bout the rings its intended to do that.

      Thanks again
  10. Savior
    Version: 3.2.14
    I use this bot to get some gp through incandescent energies, 4 accounts have been leveled from 1-95, and ever since have reached 99 while converting memories to energy and remaining unbanned. Very stable bot.
    The only deficit I have to mention, which however would not justify a worse rating, would be that it does not automatically travel to the divine colonies itself, you have to do that yourself.
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      How very nice of you. You're not that bad ;)