Quality Slayer [OPEN BETA]

Just slay it!

  1. Qosmiof2
    Slayer bot currently supports Vannaka.

    Supported monsters at the moment: Today it begins [Quality Slayer]

    Start with enchanted gem in your inventory near any bank.

    Requirements for vannaka:

    1. Antifire potion
    2. Antipoison
    3. Any axe you can use
    4. Lit lantern
    5. Amulet of glory
    6. bag of salt
    7. Camelot teleport tab
    8. Falador teleport tab
    9. Lumbridge teleport tab
    10. Coins
    11. Dusty key (if you don't have the agility for it)
    12. Games necklace
    13. Ice cooler
    14. Ring of duelling
    15. Rope
    16. Waterskins
    17. Desert full wear
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