Quality Slayer 2.1.2

#1 Slayer bot

  1. Qosmiof2

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    Guide [Thanks to @wede333]: Quality Slayer


    RuneMate's #1 Slayer Bot
    • Support for 97% of slayer monsters without quest requirements
    • Extensive integration of Playersense and Anti-Pattern techniques to provide unique behaviors to each user!
    • iPrayerFlicking - An option to automatically detect a monster's attack cycle and use prayers to mitigate damage, without losing prayer points!
    • Combat potions, prayer potions, and offensive prayer support to maximize efficiency rates
    • A wide variety of foods for your convenience
    • An intelligent pathing algorithm to take you all across RuneScape to reach tasks
    • Utilizes the newest slayer dungeons for Kalphite and Demon tasks
    • Detects overcrowding during tasks and automatically changes worlds
    • Customizable looting - Choose a value threshold to loot over. The bot will find the price of items on the ground and take them accordingly.
    • Multiple locations for many slayer tasks
      • Safety to fight weaker monsters and avoid dangerous locations
      • Optimal to increase the chance of finishing tasks in one trip.
      • Closest to level to fight monsters close to your combat level.
    Required items:
    1. Camelot teleport
    2. Falador teleport
    3. Lumbridge teleport
    4. Varrock teleport
    5. Dusty key (if you don't have requirements for certain agility shortcuts in Taverly)
    6. Antifire potions
    7. Rope (if you don't have them already in lumby dungeon)
    8. Any lantern that is not bug lantern
    9. Tinderbox
    10. Antipoison
    11. Coins
    12. Waterskins
    13. Ice coolers
    14. Salve graveyard teleport
    15. Amulet of glory
    16. Ring of dueling
    17. Bag of salt
    18. Mort'ton teleport
    19. Games necklace
    21. Slayer or spiny helm (for specific tasks or earmuffs).
    22. Any Axe you can use.

    Optional items, better performance:
    20. Slayer ring (for nieve)

    Task Support:
    Supported | Untested | Unsupported

Recent Reviews

  1. oireapzz
    Version: 2.1.2
    so broken, tried to run to kourend ended up clicking back and forth between ardougne bank and the bridge to ardougne castle, so i walked it to kourend myself and it started fighting the wrong demon (had lesser demon task tried to fight black demons instead)
    1. Qosmiof2
  2. arthurs
    Version: 2.1.2
    Absolutely amazing man, The amount of effort put into this script is jaw-dropping. well done.
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  3. Stahlyy
    Version: 2.1.2
    Loved using this bot. Great Work!
  4. Darkermello
    Version: 2.1.0
    Was amazing helped me get my slayer helmet real quick, little trouble when going to lost city slayer master but aside from that great. Its unfortunate he just put it as a purchasable bot
    1. Qosmiof2
      Author's Response
      Why is it unfortunate if i may ask?
  5. Negrita
    Version: 2.0.7
    Awesome bot!
  6. Hoodini
    usually works rather well, cannon support on black demons would be great tho. some bugs here and there that are too minor to remember, when you mean 97% support of monsters you really mean it!.
  7. Zoot
    Great bot. With couple more features like loot and bury bones will be perfect
  8. IzSanji
    you are an absolute god. took a while to set up, but the time you take to set it up is definitely worth it. Could go with some additional features but it's still worthy of a 5/5
  9. Treefitty
    very impressive if you take the time to set up correctly you will get what you pay for in bunches .Much thanks to the author for the hard work and time and effort to upkeep/continue improving!
  10. House of Leaves
    House of Leaves
    very intelligent bot. small bugs that make it frustrating sometimes (such as not auto-relighting torches at times). Good work regardless. Highly recommended.