Quantum Abyss Crafter 3.6.72

Make runecrafting great again!

  1. RobinPC
    Quantum Abyss Crafter

    Huge variety of runes supported

    • Nature runes
    • Cosmic runes
    • Blood runes
    • Earth runes
    • Body runes
    • Mind runes
    • Air runes
    • Water runes
    • Death runes
    • Law runes
    • Chaos runes
    Infinity ethereal outfit
    • Only supports the infinity ethereal outfit
    • Make sure you have it equipped and included in your preset if you want to use it.
    Death handling
    • One of the best features is that the bot will retrieve all selected pouches and wilderness sword when you die.
    • Bot for hours on end without manual interference.
    • Make sure you always have a Wicked hood in your bank.
    • You will need at least 250.000 coins in order for the Death handler to work.
    • Supports the Small, Medium, Large and Giant pouch.
    • Pouches will be filled and repaired when needed.
    • Supports the Abyssal titan, Abyssal lurker and Abyssal parasite.
    • Renews or summons a familiar when needed.
    • Includes multiple fail-safes for when the mouse is stuck or when an entity is behind an interface.
    • Automatically closes unwanted interfaces such as Beast of Burden inventory, cape shop and much more.
    Obstacle handler
    • Automatic: The bot will automatically find the best obstacle based on distance, level, and safety.
    • Manual: Select which obstacles the bot should use. It will search for the best obstacle based on distance and your level.
    • Uses the wilderness sword [1-4] for teleporting back to Edgeville.
    • Use one of these bots to get a wilderness sword.
    Quality of life features
    • The bot will stop when:
      • You run out of money for the death handler.
      • You run out of pure essence.
      • You run out of summoning pouches.
      • You don't have a wicked hood in your bank.
      • You don't have the correct outfit piece.

    How to setup?

    • Use the fixed mode interface.
    • Use the old school layout preset. Drag the chatbox and action bar all the way down. Make sure nothing blocks the game view.
    • Have your Wilderness sword and the Surge ability on your actionbar.
    • Make sure everything has a keybinding, and that you're not using actionbar 6.
    • Pure essence and Runecrafting pouches should be in your inventory.
    • Have you teleportation method equipped.
    • If you are using a familiar, fill up the familiar with pure essence.
    • Go to your preset menu and save your preset. Link this preset with keybinding "1". Make sure you save your familiar inventory as well.
    • [FAMILIAR ONLY] Click on the little gear icon next to your recently saved preset. Check the box to include your Familiar inventory in your main preset.
    Questions? Feel free to PM me.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lilythedog
    Version: 3.6.6
    This script generally works wonderfully with only a few hiccups. As mentioned in another review, it can occasionally get stuck while trying to repair a pouch. Not in the dialogue options, rather trying to click the NPC. Recently I've also noticed the script repeatedly jumping over the wilderness wall (I will PM you the log file for this).
    One final thing to note is that it will constantly try to use the lodestone teleport before the previous teleport finishes resulting in an endless loop (not directly your script, perhaps a problem with the codebase used).
    All things considered this is a GREATscript!
  2. CapaxInf
    Version: 3.6.6
    I love the bot.. when it works. As you can tell by other reviews, this is a really good script and works wonderfully. You can tell that the developer worked thoroughly and hats off to his hard work. However, there are various times where I catch that it begins to run into bugs. I'll list them below so hopefully the developer can take them into account for future versions:

    1. At times when teleported to the abyss, the bot sometimes forgets to execute the step to enter one of the cracks and instead just runs around the abyss, as if it was already in the center. It attempts to run to the altar that is in the center of the abyss, while on the outside. If you don't catch this at it occurs, you might die from the abyssal creatures.

    2. If one of your pouches needs to be repaired, it will talk to the mage at the center and just kinda get stuck there.. This happened to me overnight and idk how much money ended up being spent for the player to be standing there without crafting >.<

    3. Sometimes it fails to interact with the mage of zamorak/the altar/the bank which causes the bot to just look around and continually iterate a failed interaction with whatever object it is trying to use. It's as though it executes the right click, but seems to keep on missing the option it wants to execute. This also kills time. Sometimes it will randomly hop to a different world while it does this, maybe in an attempt to auto-correct.

    4. Sometimes it just randomly begins to slow down and 'think'. Which is completely understandable, but it does spend an abundant amount of time idling when this occurs which just cuts down on efficiency. Nothing wrong with this, but maybe something to keep in mind to increase efficiency. I assume there's a good explanation for this, but just an observation.

    I really hope this doesn't dissuade anyone from using the bot as it does work wonderfully for the complex task it completes! This is at least an 8 layer task that it completes amazingly so I would definitely recommend it. There are just a few kinks that I think could benefit in future versions, which the developer seems as though he continually updates the bot.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the detailed review.

      1) This could be because of the obstacle selection, so I would like to request you to send me the logfile so I can take a look. The bot should teleport out when you're low on health, so don't worry about dying!

      2) This should've been fixed two updates ago. If this issue is still occuring on the latest version, shoot me a PM with your logfile.

      3) The failed interactions are all part of Clouse (RuneMate's mouse system). I cannot do anything about misclicks and or failed interactions, sadly.

      4) There are moments where the bot can technically take a little break, but this shouldn't happen too often. Thanks for letting me know, though.
  3. gracadmos
    Version: 3.6.3
    I am a avid gamer and usually power through things like this very brisk. This bot is actually able to work at the same pace I would. You have some great skill!
  4. goomboss
    Version: 3.6.3
    The new updates are visibly apparent. The overall execution is much faster and the interactions with objects is the smoothest it's ever been in this update. Lot of detail had to go into this I'm sure so kudos on another successful build! You'd be hard pressed to find something as effective when it comes to abby crafting.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the kind words! :)
  5. siimaa
    Version: 3.6.2
    nice bot and fast helping :)
    1. RobinPC
  6. bigboifry
    Version: 3.6.2
    Best bot i've ever used, perfect
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the review !
  7. jukkie
    Version: 3.6.1
    Best runecrafting bot I've seen, but the steep price of 0.10/hour together with some minor bugs will require you to babysit the bot otherwise you'll lose some money due to these minor bugs. From the 5$, probably 1.5$ got wasted on crashes or bugs.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately there is no 'dynamic pricing' yet for bots on the store, therefore I have to balance the price out. You're not only paying for a great moneymaker, but also for a quality product.

      I saw that you reported those bugs on the thread, and I'll work on resolving those. If you'd really like a refund, please contact me through PM.
  8. Helvera
    Version: 3.6.1
    Amazing bot. I noticed how the bot becomes faster the longer you use it which is cool. Made me 70M doing Nature runs getting about 1.8M - 2M p/h botting 5 hours with the built in breaks then actually taking a break at least 2 hours then repeat. The bot sometimes would withdraw from bank then just sits there, but I think that problem occurs because of me not the bot itself.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Feel free to PM me and I can take a look at your problem.
  9. goomboss
    Version: 3.6.1
    Bot works like a charm. Only improvement is to remove the suggestion to add the wildy sword to the actionbar. As of the latest patch, the default option is to locate the hellfire bow, NOT edgeville teleport. The way around this is to leave your equipment tab open so the bot will right click to teleport. Not tremendously slower, but until the teleport option is the default again, it should not be placed on the actionbar or the bot gets stuck at the altar. Cheers mate.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Yes, I was just informed about the change, and an update is waiting in the queue. Should take around 1-2 days.
  10. katalist
    Version: 3.6.1
    I've been botting since the early days, this bot definitely the most realistic I've ever seen!
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)