Quantum Rorarii 1.1.6

Gimme some keys!

  1. Derk
    Kills rorarii for you, with plenty features packed in the bot!

    The bot has the following features:

    • Using Invention
      • Disassembles adamant, mithril and runite items dropped by rorarii
      • Make sure you have the spellbook open with the spell visible
      • Keep some inventory slots open to loot the items (like 3 or 4 is enough)
    • Using prayer
      • Uses quickprayer, so you can set any prayer you want
      • It flicks prayer, so when you're at almost full health it will disable quickprayer
      • Flicking works for both anti-magic as soulsplit
      • You can choose out of a variety of prayer potions, if you need other prayer potions, request them on the thread!
    • Using food
      • You can choose to use food to heal (can also be combined with prayer)
      • Different types of food available including monkfish and sharks
    • Banking
      • Banking is done with presets
      • Fill your presets with the items you want
      • You can bring various other items such as gold acumulator, charming imp and other various interesting tools
      • Pick the preset number you want to use in the UI
    • Abilities
      • Uses bombardment and death's swiftness
      • Put those abilities anywhere but the last 2 slots (those are broken)
      • If you want more abilities supported, request them on the thread!
    • Notepaper
      • You can choose to use magic notepaper to note your keys
      • Put them in your bank preset
      • It will only note keys, nothing else

    This bot uses portions of the Prime Extension API

Recent Reviews

  1. Melly Melera
    Melly Melera
    Version: 1.1.4
    needs to be removed, it doesnt work and its not getting fixed.
  2. RobinPC
    Version: 1.1.4
    I tested this bot throughout but got an error on start saying: "Input stream is null". Please get this bot up to premium standards again within several days or I'll be forced to remove it from the store. Thanks for your cooperation.
  3. donutvwg
    Version: 1.0.1
    Now it doesn't eat after the update
    1. Derk
      Author's Response
      can you please report bugs instead of leaving 5000 bad reviews...
  4. donutvwg
    Version: 1.0.0
    Works really well until it runs out of food and its time to bank then it just tps out to the ooglog lodestone and sits there
  5. cas249
    Version: 1.0.0
    since update this bot is perfect. good interface and everything you need :D
  6. cas249
    Version: 1.1.3
    5 star if weapon poison and lodestone teleport would be supported
    1. Derk
      Author's Response
      Webwalking will be supported in the next update actually. It's already written. :)

      Weapon potion might come later, I'd have to do some testing first.