Quantum Wintertodt 1.1.5

Begone Winterthot!

  1. Derk
    ~Defeats the Wintertodt boss for you!

    This isn't the first Wintertodt bot, but it is the best one. The aim is to simplify the setup and let the bot think for itself.

    A few features:
    • Intelligent burning to get your 500 points secured quickly
    • Intelligent eating (eating to full after the game ends and save food when mid-game
    • Repairing, lighting and burning bruma support
    • Fletching support
    • Idling in lobby if you're out of food but above 500 points to still get your loot crate
    • Very easy setup: only 3 options to pick, the bot does the rest for you!
    Start the bot with your favorite warm clothing equiped, including an axe. Also have a tinderbox, knife and hammer in your inventory to light, fletch and repair.

Recent Updates

  1. Quantum Wintertodt v1.1.5 Released!
  2. Quantum Wintertodt v1.1.4 Released!
  3. Quantum Wintertodt v1.1.3 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. Shumbo
    Version: 1.1.1
    Trash bot... After the first attempt refused to eat and killed my HCIM...
    1. Derk
      Author's Response
      Please leave bug reports before reviewing a bot. Obviously not eating is not intended behavior...
  2. Gas
    Version: 1.1.0
    works well. sometimes it might be seen as clearly a bot since it had trouble finding the bank a few times, but if babysat it works really well. nice work !