QuickMasterFarmer PRO 1.0.4

Fastest Master Farmer Thiever in town!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickMasterFarmer Lite
    Available on the Bot Store.

    • Multiple locations: Draynor Village, Ardougne, Zeah.
    • Smart pickpocketing: efficient yet randomized style for each user.
    • Combat escaping (recommended to wear a bow with no arrows for better rates)
    • Support for multiple foods.
    • Heals at bank if food amount is not set (it will use the selected food).
    • Drops junk seeds and items to avoid banking (supports shift dropping if enabled).
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs.


Recent Updates

  1. QuickMasterFarmer PRO v1.0.4 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. Mangoseed
    Version: 1.0.4
    Hi! Just started using this bot, and i'd like like to say it's a very good one! Surprised there is not as many reviews or people trying it. :) The bot clicks quickly, dismisses random events, and is a smart clicker(does not click when stunned). I rated it 4/5 for now because it is missing some features I'd love to see in a master farmer bot -- use of dodgy necklaces, camera movement, little bit more precise clicking(sometimes it does not hit the farmer) and wine support. :)
    Please keep updating and this will easily be the best one on the market!

    I also get a bit confused as to why my seeds per hour is 7.6K---but i am guessing it is because it is calculating the TOTAL amount of seeds from each pick, example: 7 barley seeds, 2 onion seeds, etc-which is fine!
  2. NewPhoneWhoDis
    Version: 1.0.4
    I've been using this bot for a while now and it's the best thieving bot so far in my opinion with the exception of a few flaws. Here's a list of my pros and cons:

    -Works fast and simple to use
    -Has no problem eating when HP is around 60%
    -Drops (sometimes) and deposits seeds with ease
    -Withdraws food with no problems so far

    -Changing the seed keep/drop list seems to have little to no effect
    -When starting the bot with no food in your inventory, it will still run to the Master Farmer
    -There are times where the bot will not drop unwanted seeds or it will try to drop valuable seeds
    -The bot has trouble clicking on the Master Farmer when it moves a lot
    -Needs Dodgy Necklace support
    -An option to choose what percentage to eat would be ideal
    -When you run out of food the bot will open and close the bank
  3. charbz
    Version: 1.0.4
    Really disappointed, It started dropping all seeds for no apparent reason and i only noticed after couple hours passed by. So I prolly lost a ton of seeds
  4. MikeUnderwood
    Version: 1.0.4
    No issue for me. Runs flawless. A+ work.
  5. abbbas
    Version: 1.0.4
    Works well, faster than any other bot. Would be much faster still, if dodgy necklace support was added.
  6. anter
    Version: 1.0.4
    would be nice if you had jugs of wine as a food option and support for dodgy necklace