QuickMiner Lite 1.4.38

Full mining rework support? Don't mind if I do!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickMiner Lite

    Lite bots have a time limit of 1 hour per day. For unlimited run-time consider using the PRO version.

    • More than 20 pre-set locations (including Resource Dungeons (RS3))
    • Supports custom locations. Mine and bank anywhere!
    • Powermines anywhere
    • Supports all rocks
    • World hopping (PRO Feature)
    • Supports Coal Bag, Mining Urns (RS3), and Sign of the Porters (RS3)
    • Skiller-friendly (won't bank pickaxes)
    • Shift dropping (OS)
    • ActionBar dropping (RS3)
    • Dragon Pickaxe special attacks (OS)
    • Humidifies Waterskins when mining in the desert
    • Supports Superheat Form Ancient Curse
    • Option to bank for supplies when powermining
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs (PRO Feature)
    • Rockertunities (RS3)
    • High Stamina Mining - Replenishes mining stamina by clicking on the rock (RS3)
    • Ore Boxes - will fill the whole box with selected ores before banking (RS3)

    Preset Banking locations
    • Al'Kharid Mine
    • Al'Kharid Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Ardougne East
    • Ardougne South
    • Barbarian Village Mine
    • Burthorpe Mine (RS3 only)
    • Crafting Guild
    • Draynor Village Mine (RS3 only)
    • Dwarven Mine
    • Dwarven Mine Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Heroes Guild Mine
    • Keldagrim East
    • Keldagrim North (RS3 only)
    • Living Rock Cavern (RS3 only)
    • Lovakite Mine (OS only)
    • Lumbridge East
    • Lumbridge West
    • Mining Guild
    • Mining Guild Extended (OS only)
    • Mining Guild Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Nietizinot Runite (OS only)
    • Piscarillius House Mine
    • Piscatoris Mine
    • Prifddinas Mine (RS3 only)
    • Prifddinas Soft Clay Mine (RS3 only)
    • Prifddinas Gem Mine (RS3 only)
    • Rimmington
    • Shillo Village Gem Mine
    • Shillo Village Underground Mine (OS only)
    • Varrock East
    • Varrock West
    • Yannile Mine

    Supported Rocks
    • Clay
    • Tin
    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Silver
    • Coal
    • Gold
    • Mithril
    • Adamantite
    • Runite
    • Amethyst Crystal (OS only)
    • All Gem rocks
    • Granite
    • Sandstone
    • Lovakite (OS only)
    • Soft Clay (RS3 only)
    • Bane (RS3 only)
    • Seren Stone (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Sandstone (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Coal (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Gold (RS3 only)
    • Luminite (RS3 only)
    • Drakolith (RS3 only)
    • Orichalcite (RS3 only)
    • Phasmatite (RS3 only)
    • Necrite (RS3 only)
    • Light/Dark Animica (RS3 only)

Recent Reviews

  1. MrsUnknown
    Version: 1.4.38
    Very glitchy, runs from 1 spot to the other in mining guild even with radius selected. Fucking stupid bot.
  2. Lew6s
    Version: 1.4.38
    The software works great, not a single problem.
    However, my newer accounts with basic stats get "Hacked" fast, and eventually banned. I found touch vpn a great asset for this since you can make it appear as if you're in a different location, so jagex thinks your account gets hacked before they think you were botting.
  3. pro828
    Version: 1.4.38
    Banking system wont work. Once you deposit everything, it just stays there.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Shillo village is broken due to client bug. Use a different location.
  4. Boe
    Version: 1.4.37
    works extremely well, mind adding muler support to just trade a certain name in a certain world at a certain amount mined ? :)
  5. teaguie
    Version: 1.4.35
    Been running this bot and another for a while now. This is the pick of the two in my experience as the reaction time is much quicker and doubles my mine rate which in turn doubles xp and $$
    However if mining in the dwarven mine in Falador and entering via the north east entrance past the party room. It will get stuck everytime when the door is shut, it just keeps clicking the stairs without opening the door first. So on that note you do need to babysit this bot for the time its running in this location.
    Once this is fixed i would give 5 stars and consider going to the pro version.
  6. mzchen
    Version: 1.4.35
    From my experience I haven't been able to use it at all, but I haven't tested all of the components so I'd rather not tank the rating without cause. 1 Star for my RS3 experience. 5 stars for flexibility, GUI, implementation, and overall idea. There are few bots with this amount of freedom, and if fixed to work properly, could easily be the best mining bot out there.

    Doesn't support Dark Animica, Light Animica, Port Phasmatys for phasmatite, North fremm mine for banite, and probably a lot more locations I didn't check. When I tried Necrite at the al-kharid resource dungeon, it lodestoned to al-kharid and just froze there without moving for 2 minutes before I stopped it. All in all, very cool how many options it gives you and with proper implementations might be the greatest mining bot out there, but in it's current state it's just about unusable for RS3 players for anything above 70 mining. Not to mention, Ore Box is a pro feature, which is kind of essential. I could understand mining urns, curses, or breaks being pro, but ore boxes? :(
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Appreciate your review. I'd be more than happy to take a look at the things you mentioned. Could you provide me some logs of the times it got stuck, via DM? Would help me locate the problems sooner. Thanks!
  7. deeznoten
    Version: 1.4.35
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      You will need to provide a bit more info than that buddy.
  8. Evantelico
    Version: 1.4.32
    It is a good bot but due to my own carelessness and not babysitting it, I was detected and got banned. Good bot but it is my own fault.
  9. Brando1267
    Version: 1.4.31
    It's not bad, however the reaction times are so much slower than all the auto created bots that are everywhere. Also when not able to get the ore after clicking the bot clicks off to the side randomly causing the character to unnecessarily run back and fourth, even while using the radius (1) option. There are lots of locations which are good and no matter where you start the bot it will try to get there, however it just cannot compete with the generic bots that apparently have no faults.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      No idea why it's running slow for some. For most, the bot has fast reaction times and runs really well - it's been specifically optimized for that. Can you send me the log? There are some performance upgrades coming with v1.4.32.
  10. gabiszonx
    Version: 1.4.31
    I used in only for powermining in Al Kharid to get to 75 mining. I had to close all windows in-game and zoom out, and then bot worked pretty well. I may consider the pro version in the future. Thanks!