QuickMiner PRO 1.4.30

Mine your way to the top!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickMiner PRO

    Available on the Bot Store.

    • Banks at more than 20 locations (including Resource Dungeons (RS3))
    • Powermines anywhere
    • Supports all rocks
    • World hopping
    • Supports Coal Bag, Mining Urns (RS3), and Sign of the Porters (RS3)
    • Skiller-friendly (won't bank pickaxes)
    • Shift dropping (OS)
    • ActionBar dropping (RS3)
    • Dragon Pickaxe special attacks (OS)
    • Humidifies Waterskins when mining in the desert
    • Supports Superheat Form Ancient Curse
    • Teleports Mining Urns
    • Option to bank for supplies when powermining
    • Unlimited run-time
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs

    Supported Banking locations
    • Al'Kharid Mine
    • Al'Kharid Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Ardougne East
    • Ardougne South
    • Barbarian Village Mine
    • Burthorpe Mine (RS3 only)
    • Crafting Guild
    • Draynor Village Mine (RS3 only)
    • Dwarven Mine
    • Dwarven Mine Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Heroes Guild Mine
    • Keldagrim East
    • Keldagrim North (RS3 only)
    • Living Rock Cavern (RS3 only)
    • Lovakite Mine (OS only)
    • Lumbridge East
    • Lumbridge West
    • Mining Guild
    • Mining Guild Extended (OS only)
    • Mining Guild Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Nietizinot Runite (OS only)
    • Piscarillius House Mine
    • Piscatoris Mine
    • Prifddinas Mine (RS3 only)
    • Prifddinas Soft Clay Mine (RS3 only)
    • Prifddinas Gem Mine (RS3 only)
    • Rimmington
    • Shillo Village Gem Mine
    • Shillo Village Underground Mine (OS only)
    • Varrock East
    • Varrock West
    • Yannile Mine

    Supported Rocks
    • Clay
    • Tin
    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Silver
    • Coal
    • Gold
    • Mithril
    • Adamantite
    • Runite
    • Amethyst Crystal (OS only)
    • Gems
    • Granite
    • Sandstone
    • Lovakite (OS only)
    • Soft Clay (RS3 only)
    • Bane (RS3 only)
    • Seren Stone (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Sandstone (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Coal (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Gold (RS3 only)

Recent Reviews

  1. oovoo1212
    Version: 1.4.30
    The Bot works for 15min and then stuck. I lost money.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Send me the log, can't see what's happening on your end.
  2. cheeba123
    Version: 1.4.29
    Great bot, does a very good job power-mining. Also has a lot of human-like features. Can you PLEASE make it so that it doesn't drop my Dramen staff when power-mining, or give the ability for it to only drop the ore that you're power mining.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'll white-list dramen stuff. Coming with update v1.4.30.
  3. xadrian
    Version: 1.4.28
    The only reason this bot gets 2 stars is because I have to babysit it. It seems that, typically after 20 minutes or so, I have to close down the bot and restart it. The fact that I'm paying for a bot that I would lose money on if I were not watching it is what creates the problem, in my opinion. Gets hung up (stops working) and my character will log out for inactivity. Other than that, the bot does exactly what it's supposed to do. I use many other bots from Quick and they've been excellent.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      It's a problem with clients walking system. I've added a temporary fix for it but it doesn't cover all cases. Where were you using it?
  4. Lyeafy
    Version: 1.4.28
    Would give it a 5 if it adds support for the West Falador mine and banking across the crumbled wall (5 agility) to bank at the West Falador bank.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Sure, coming with next update. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Longshot1474
    Version: 1.4.28
    it get hung up at the bank sometimes
  6. Lyeafy
    Version: 1.4.27
    Works well, decent. Can't find options to mine Rune/Pure Essence at East Varrock Bank though, please implement later in the future :D
  7. merciy
    Version: 1.4.27
    great bot, but only mines one inventory of gems in shilo village before getting stuck
  8. Mac90
    Version: 1.4.27
    Idk why but when i go to the mining guild it will mine and bank which is fantastic but it takes the long way back instead of going down the ladders for easier access (maybe could be fixed or built in for future fix). Other than that this bot is fantastic (Make sure you take breaks, Makes more like Player behavior)
  9. TheoriginalXelion
    Version: 1.4.27
    Good bot
  10. lakeshore99
    Version: 1.4.27
    I just got baned from using this shitty bot I want my money back
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Botting always has risks, and there's only so much a bot can do to protect your account. You can lower your chances of getting banned by mixing up skills and doing some quests in between botting sessions.