QuickMiner PRO 1.4.38

Full mining rework support? Don't mind if I do!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickMiner PRO

    Available on the Bot Store.

    • More than 20 pre-set locations (including Resource Dungeons (RS3))
    • Supports custom locations. Mine and bank anywhere!
    • Powermines anywhere
    • Supports all rocks
    • World hopping
    • Supports Coal Bag, Mining Urns (RS3), and Sign of the Porters (RS3)
    • Skiller-friendly (won't bank pickaxes)
    • Shift dropping (OS)
    • ActionBar dropping (RS3)
    • Dragon Pickaxe special attacks (OS)
    • Humidifies Waterskins when mining in the desert
    • Supports Superheat Form Ancient Curse
    • Teleports Mining Urns
    • Option to bank for supplies when powermining
    • Unlimited run-time
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs
    • Rockertunities (RS3)
    • High Stamina Mining - Replenishes mining stamina by clicking on the rock (RS3)
    • Ore Boxes - will fill the whole box with selected ores before banking (RS3)
    • Automatically collects Seren Spirits

    Preset Banking locations
    • Al'Kharid Mine
    • Al'Kharid Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Ardougne East
    • Ardougne South
    • Barbarian Village Mine
    • Burthorpe Mine (RS3 only)
    • Crafting Guild
    • Draynor Village Mine (RS3 only)
    • Dwarven Mine
    • Dwarven Mine Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Heroes Guild Mine
    • Keldagrim East
    • Keldagrim North (RS3 only)
    • Living Rock Cavern (RS3 only)
    • Lovakite Mine (OS only)
    • Lumbridge East
    • Lumbridge West
    • Mining Guild
    • Mining Guild Extended (OS only)
    • Mining Guild Resource Dungeon (RS3 only)
    • Nietizinot Runite (OS only)
    • Piscarillius House Mine
    • Piscatoris Mine
    • Prifddinas Mine (RS3 only)
    • Prifddinas Soft Clay Mine (RS3 only)
    • Prifddinas Gem Mine (RS3 only)
    • Rimmington
    • Shillo Village Gem Mine
    • Shillo Village Underground Mine (OS only)
    • Varrock East
    • Varrock West
    • Yannile Mine

    Supported Rocks
    • Clay
    • Tin
    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Silver
    • Coal
    • Gold
    • Mithril
    • Adamantite
    • Runite
    • Amethyst Crystal (OS only)
    • All Gem rocks
    • Granite
    • Sandstone
    • Lovakite (OS only)
    • Soft Clay (RS3 only)
    • Bane (RS3 only)
    • Seren Stone (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Sandstone (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Coal (RS3 only)
    • Concentrated Gold (RS3 only)
    • Luminite (RS3 only)
    • Drakolith (RS3 only)
    • Orichalcite (RS3 only)
    • Phasmatite (RS3 only)
    • Necrite (RS3 only)
    • Light/Dark Animica (RS3 only)

Recent Reviews

  1. Brian Santini
    Brian Santini
    Version: 1.4.38
    27 hours and all good. Worth it. Wish smelting was updated though.
  2. Chandaman
    Version: 1.4.38
    Fantastic bot, and does what I want. Doesnt lag like some other bots on the market that is marked at the same price. Also it collects seren spirits which is a plus. Overall Great bot does what you want.
  3. Maybellee
    Version: 1.4.38
    Won't stand by the 2 rocks, even though they aren't depleted. Clicks on the map to run to an iron node 20 blocks away. Useless and inefficient.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Of course it wont stand there if you don't select the correct feature. Maybe you should read the overview to enlighten yourself with all of the features the bot offers.
  4. Kenneth Dukes
    Kenneth Dukes
    Version: 1.4.38
    It seemed to work fine, I'd give it 5 stars if it also supported the gem bag since it would make that significantly more efficient.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Thanks, but reviews are not for requesting features. Use the discussion or send me a DM to do that.
  5. Red Head13
    Red Head13
    Version: 1.4.38
    Ran it for a night with no issues. Solid Bot! Would be much improved if it supported Arc mining and stone spirits, but it's hard to complain.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I've added stone spirits to my to-do list. For Arc mining I unfortunately do not have an account that can access that area yet.
  6. Mutant
    Version: 1.4.38
    this doesnt work and it keeps charging me over and over for time ii didnt even use this is BS dont use
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      If you're having problems, send me the log. And I suggest you to read how the payment system here works.
  7. ayayron1
    Version: 1.4.38
    Bot getting stuck in Banks. Empties inventory then stays in bank UI unless intervened with.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      If you're talking about shillo village, then this is a client bug. If not, send me the log.
  8. monkeynutbot
    Version: 1.4.38
    It's be an easy 5, shortcut mining worked in West Falador. A few other minor issues; stuck in banks, etc, but nothing's perfect! Well, then there's the fact it like to spend a few dollars for about a few hours of actual functionality...
    If Falador is a human error, please let me know, would be happy to revise this! All that aside, works great in most place, thanks.
  9. Florida Boy
    Florida Boy
    Version: 1.4.38
    works well although need to ix the coordinate settings, if you don't know the exact tiles your character will just sit there, also you make it to where I can exit the coordinate window, I have to restart my laptop every time I enter incorrect coordinates.
  10. Balldur97
    Version: 1.4.38
    Works great and is player like except when im mining gems in Shilo Village it goes to bank and gets stuck there.