QuickMotherlode PRO 1.1.30

Getting Prospectors Kit has never been easier!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickMotherlode PRO

    Available on the Bot Store.

    • Supports multiple areas: West, South, East, and Upper level.
    • Option to empty sack after each inventory or after it gets full.
    • Smart strut reparing.
    • Supports Sack double-size upgrade.
    • Dragon Pickaxe special attacks.
    • Tunnel shortcut support.
    • Unlimited run-time.
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs.

Recent Reviews

  1. mera
    Version: 1.1.30
    Got banned, shit bot. dont use.
  2. kycklingtacos123
    Version: 1.1.30
    figured i should write a new Review, dunno why people are complaining, got me 99 mining with no issues 5/5 stars
  3. xerzezz
    Version: 1.1.30
    Bullshit bot. If you want your account banned, dont use this. It doesnt do the job at all, just walks around, and when its done picking up the ores and is suppose to start mining again, suddenly starts fixing the wheel. Worst ever!
  4. Justin H Miller
    Justin H Miller
    Version: 1.1.30
    My account was banned. Be a better script if you couldn't get caught 100% of the time
  5. greg morrison
    greg morrison
    Version: 1.1.30
    banned in 30 minutes
  6. VinnyB22
    Version: 1.1.30
    Really poor bot that needs updating. It's really slow and clunky. It takes forever to clear the fallen rocks and the bot tends to run to odd places making it obvious that you are botting. I got a two day ban by using this bot (kind of lucky). Definitly not worth the risk and won't use it again. Huge waste of money.
  7. omgdudeok
    Version: 1.1.30
    Extremely clunky and slow. Takes 10 seconds to clear fallen rocks sometimes, and misclicks often/waits unrealistic amounts of time before performing certain actions. Makes you look very bot-like.

    I stopped the bot after like 10 minutes because it's not worth risking using this on my account.

    This bot definitely needs some optimization and speed alterations. I wouldn't recommend using it until that happens.
  8. jetterb45
    Version: 1.1.30
    I think the reason for ban may have been the runemate login system mentioned below. I noticed my account logged out, I logged back in str8 away, then banned.
  9. tjackattack
    Version: 1.1.30
    Banned during RuneMate login script using this bot. JagEx can detect RuneMate on log on if they are monitoring the account for botting. Got reported by another user and they put the monitor on my main.
  10. PorkChops
    Version: 1.1.30
    worked really well with mining/banking/fixing. but banned after 5 hours.