Qve AbyssCamper 1.1.4

Gets massive experience in combat skills.

  1. qverkk
    Afks in abyss for insane experience. Supports magic, ranged and melee.

Recent Reviews

  1. NYCowboy
    Version: 1.1.4
    Used this to get to 99 def, and plan on using it for the rest of combat 99s!
  2. Vahtos
    Version: 1.1.0
    Excellent bot, well worth the $0.07/hr. I'm getting over 500k xp/hr. It runs very smoothly.
  3. kazemanie
    Version: 1.0.9
    Perfect bot, works flawlessly when set up correctly. Worked fantastic over double XP weekend to get me some serious invention gains.
  4. Bagdady
    Version: 1.0.5
    This bot has realy great humanlike movements and is very responsive. It's very fluid and smooth in that aspect compared to 90% of the bots. However it is missing A LOT of options imo.

    1. It only drink pots when you use soul split, like to see a separate option to even drink prayer pots outside of using soulsplit.
    2. Not a 100% sure about this, but the bot doesnt seem to be using threshholds or ultimates. I use a lot of other combat scripts from RuneMate and im prety sure I have set it up corrertly. Namely, put threshholds and ultimate abilitys first on the actionbar with a easy keybind on it and after that the basic abilitys. This however isnt working.
    3. I tested the emergency teleport option on the interface with varrock tabs in my inventory and it isnt teleporting when out of food and very low. I don't know what this option stands for then.
    4. It is not using ''grand magic'' potions, which other bots do use. There is no potion usage option at all in the interface so I am not sure if any stat boosting potions work.
    5. Not realy required as many other bots dont have this either but a break system where the bot takes brakes every so often would make this bot even more antiban friendly. It already is though with how smooth it is.
    6. Banking is not supported and if it did this bot would easely be the number 1 bot for me and many others. It might be to good if it banked to be honest. But would be amazing to see it anyway.

    I suggest a guide of how exactly you suggest people set up this bot effectively. Or/and a much better detailed interface.

    This has been a big rant. I don't ussualy give this kind of feedback but I have been able to use your bot and other simular bots and wanted to say that there are better bots for abbys out there atm for free. So I don't think its justified to ask for put a price on this bot yet. I do however support this bot 100% because it has great potential. I can help you out in testing and providing more feedback if you need. I know this isn't the place to put all this but this guarantees that you will take it seriously. Bad english bla bla bla.

    Hope you foudn this usefull, and thank you for an amazing bot.