Qve AIOFighter 0.1.3

Npc's gotta die.

  1. qverkk
    Fights any monster and probably banks.

    1. For banking or teleporting out, must have Varrock or Falador teleport tab, or any other that has an option "Break".
    2. To start the bot, you must at least select area where you will be fighting and an NPC to attack.
    3. To add NPC's to attack, first you need to add actions to the list below, then refresh NPC list, and add it.
    4. Banking is in testing mode, please report bugs
    5. For pathing to X monster, please write on thread what monster needs to be added and where does the bot need to walk.
    6. Soul Split is activated only by the icon in the Action Bar, so please have that in mind.
    7. Please set your auto retaliate on for this bot. (with v0.0.20 possible to work without auto retaliate, please test)
    8. Works best with Revolution.
    9. It will use any food that has an option "Eat".
    10. For high alch, please move the icon to actionbar and have minimum 5 fire runes and 1 nature rune in inventory.
    11. If you want to change spot, monsters etc, make sure to go to General tab, and update your position!!!
    12. Use EOC interface for abilities etc to work! It won't activate SS on legacy interface with EOC abilities etc. Everything EOC please!

    Hope you guys will enjoy this bot and help me with your feedback!!

    - fixed a problem causing not alching items on OSRS
    - made the bot more reliable, will attack first the npc's attacking us, abilities will no longer break our target

    - minor fixes

    - added faster ability selection if you have Cooldown enabled (Esc -> Interfaces -> Toggle ability cooldown timer)

    - added a checkbox to determine for item containing names, example:
    while you enter "rune" and select the name contains checkbox, it will look for all ground items that have "rune" in it's name, without checking the checkbox, you would have to determine the full name of the item.

    - added Extreme potion support
    - changed code in walking to generate the path only when it's needed

    - OSRS support to loot by value added
    - fixed an error where it wouldn't loot stackables that aren't noted, now will loot runes above loot value price, swamp tar etc.

    - users on OSRS can no longer select banking with presets (only RS3)
    - added a separate tab when to bank, works for both traditional and presets

    - added a failsafe for loading an empty bank list after clicking load or adding an empty bank list to a profile
    - added hints what to do after u click start and the seetings don't meet the requirements
    - for more ideas please write on the thread
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Recent Reviews

  1. chris henderson
    chris henderson
    Version: 0.1.3
    The bot works amazingly. I'm fighting experiements. it keeps clicking on the one experiement that you are unable to kill after doing the quest. Its lvl 52 and the other experiements are lvl 25. Maybe you can make it so the bot doesnt click that one?
  2. Sean Kingston
    Sean Kingston
    Version: 0.1.3
    Can you add a saradomin godsword spec option? :-)
  3. Sean Kingston
    Sean Kingston
    Version: 0.1.2
    Would've given it a 5 if the bot could use rejuvenate and if it could finish off all enemies attacking it before looting. Oh and also, if you could add a the west ardgodoune bank as a check that would help too. :-)
  4. janky bro
    janky bro
    Version: 0.1.2
    My favorite bot. Awesome alch feature and awesome XP
  5. saba
    Version: 0.1.0
    it look good but cant figure out how to start.... it sais that there is no npc selected but there is and could you als otell me how that i can let him get the noted iron ore at flesh crawlers and not the unoted single iron ore?
  6. archer4083
    Version: 0.0.20
    One of the best fighting bots ive used! but this last two days or so when it goes to eat food it says 'opening inventory' kinda worries me ;p Im on OSRS, my inventory is open?? dont know why, but overall great bot!
    1. qverkk
  7. richietokes
    Version: 0.0.20
    By far the best AIOFighter on RuneMate. Love it! 5/5? How bout 10/10!
  8. Qosmiof2
    Version: 0.0.17
    Really an amazing bot.
    Thank you qverkk!
  9. archer4083
    Version: 0.0.16
    call it weird but great script works fine! The only place i cant seem to get the script to work is Al-kharid castle for some reason?? Does nothing but stand there. other then that, great script. would recommend
  10. magnuz
    Version: 0.0.15
    botted 4 days and nights in a row with this without ban, 10/10