QveWaterfiends 1.1.10

Kills monsters for exp, charms, loot.

  1. qverkk
    Kill Waterfiends for insane exp.

    It only supports standard prayer book protections + sould split from ancient prayers only. Please look cmd for errors and inform me about them.

    Example actionbar:

    PS: Make sure to not use abilities that use a chain of skills like rapid fire etc! It will attack a new NPC.

    Ranged abilities supported + revolution:
    "Snap Shot", "Rapid Fire", "Death's Swiftness"

    Magic abilities supported + revolution:
    "Asphyxiate", "Wild Magic", "Sunshine"

    Melee abilities supported + revolution:
    "Assault", "Destroy", "Slaughter", "Berserk"

    - Have desired prayers to use on your actionbar.

    - It will loot only when the inventory isn't full.

    - Supports banking. Only by loading presets. Quick note: It banks at barb outpost, so if you have Games necklace (8) in your preset, make sure to have 100 or 200 in bank so the bot won't run out of them fast, then change preset to use (7) etc.

    - Supports any food that has option to "Eat"

    - Supports Overloads, Prayer renewals and Bunyip.

    - Make sure to have "SELECT-LEFT-CLICK" familiar option as "DISMISS FAMILIAR" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON'T LOOK AT STUPID COMMENTS THAT IT DOESN'T DISMISS THE FAMILIAR! READ THIS!

    - If you want to loot charms with an imp, make sure to have desired charms to loot in your preset!

    - Start in barbarian outpost bank, whirpool or waterfiends area!
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Recent Reviews

  1. PuppyLover101
    Version: 1.1.9
  2. mpraharsha2
    Version: 1.1.9
    Quality bot!
  3. JoeMe
    Version: 1.1.9
    Works great!
  4. Squidl
    Version: 1.1.6
    Used it for like 4 hours today, worked like a charm as always
  5. BraumTheStache
    Version: 1.1.5
    Fantastic bot. Need to follow instructions he put and then it'll work like a 'charm'!
    1. qverkk
      Author's Response
      Thank you sir for your review! ;) glad that you enjoy it! Keep it going! :D
  6. Savior
    Version: 1.1.2
    Works well, but not perfectly.

    First off, if it was possible I would probably give this bot a 3.5/5 star review, however I tend to give it 4 stars because it does not have any significant bugs.

    The GUI:
    Setting this bot up for the first time may be a bit confusing, because there are some options which do not make it 100% clear what they do.

    The bot has a somewhat large variety of options, which makes it tedious to setup the bot sometimes. The options are neither changable during the runtime, nor do they get saved which prevents the user from quickly making a change.

    The mechanics:
    Every feature works, but successively executed actions are not blending over smoothly, which sometimes makes the bot seem a bit slow.

    The operations are probably programmed without complex algorithms. It always attacks the nearest npc, loots the nearest item, and barely does anything to seem more human like moving camera and such.

    The handling of potions, prayer and banking works very well, nothing much to criticize.

    I only managed to identify one bug after multiple hours of runtime. After a waterfiend died, the bot tries to attack it while it is still in its death animation, which makes the bot a bit slower.

    Other than that everything seems to work, and the bot is stable enough to run for hours without babysitting it.

    After wrapping your head around the variety of options, it's an easy to setup bot which gets the job done, without many bugs or gimmicks.