Redwoods Lite 1.0.0

Cuts redwoods

  1. wede333
    This is a standalone bot made specifically to cut redwoods trees in an efficient manner.

    If needed, start with an axe in your inventory.
    Start the bot, and it'll handle the rest.

    Upcoming updates:
    Multiple floor support

    Post any bugs in the current thread. I'll be continuing to optimize it as per time I have.

    Latest update: Improves ladder climbing efficiency.
    Todo: More efficient bank traveling (Larger area support)

Recent Reviews

  1. Speedy4me
    Version: 1.0.0
    It does what's promised. I'd love to see some updates on the efficency though. It can run into troubles climbing up the ladder, by cutting a few magic logs. Also it takes a while for it to actually climb up the ladder, it just stays 5 meters away from it sometimes. The time that the bot clicks on trees to cut also has to be reduced for me to give it a superior 6 star rating. It kinda "spams" the clicks to cut and sometimes it ends up in a loop by running back and forth between 2 cutting spots. Maybe insert a 1-2 seconds delay to check >if the character is actually cutting< to solve this issue! Other then that, banking and cutting goes fluent but I recommend staying close to the PC incase any of these bugs happen so you can fix them manually so it can continue doing it's work! :)
  2. chris henderson
    chris henderson
    Version: 1.0.0
    Works like a charm. Can you make it so the bot picks up birds nests?