Regal Fishing Trawler 1.1.01

Trawl for the Angler Set!

  1. Snufalufugus
    Plays the fishing trawler game for the angler set!

    With a 1/8 angler piece loot rate, and each game taking 12 minutes with the waiting period, a full set will take 6 hours and 24 minutes if you're at the drop rate. Compare this total cost of $1.40 to the prices you'll find offered by Trawler services ($15+) ! With this bot, you can get a cheap Angler outfit without having anyone else access your account.

    The only requirements are to have plenty of swamp paste in your inventory to patch holes in the trawler, and to have 15 fishing to play the minigame. If you have existing angler pieces when starting the bot, choose the amount you own in the drop down menu.

    • Intelligent leak patching - Patches leaks diagonally if your character won't move, and gets "lazier" once you're at a safe activity level
    • Keeps track of trawler pieces - Once you get all four, you're notified and the bot automatically stops!
    • Playersensed and randomized thresholds to give every user a unique and varied playstyle while playing the minigame
    • Heavily playersensed methods, and every delay is playersensed throughout the bot to keep your account safe
    • Stops automatically if you're running too low on swamp paste

    Don't have real-life money to use the bot? Use your OSGP!
    OSRS - Selling RM Credits and Supporter Rank for OSRS GP

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.Anonymous
    Version: 1.1.01
    Just like everyone on here it said it does not check the net for rewards therefore a waste i recommend to fix this if you want to make good money since Tempoross dropped alot of ppl are doing this minigame
  2. vectorowo
    Version: 1.1.01
    Perfect afk during the Minigame, DOES NOT LOOT THE TRAWLER NET AFTER THE GAME ENDS. Got the outfit tho after manually stopping/starting after every game.

    If it loots at the end, this would be 5/5
  3. Wiston4124
    Version: 1.1.01
    Not looting net at end of game.
  4. Laidler88
    Version: 1.1.01
    Same as previous review
  5. skymaster185
    Version: 1.1.01
    not looting chest been running for 3 hours came back to not a single thing checked logs performs minigame well yet doesn't check net at the end.
  6. jaisuun
    Version: 1.1.01
    Works great in minigame, does not inspect net at end, therefore losing the rewards
  7. ImScooter
    Version: 1.1.01
    Works really well and got me angler!
  8. rookief
    Version: 1.1.01
    Works great. Full fishing within a few hours, very reliable
  9. FlabbyMan
    Version: 1.1.01
    got me fishing outfit on 2 accounts, no issues at all. thanks alot
  10. fenix01
    Version: 1.1.01
    He is just standing there doing nothing, and then runs back when kicked for inactivity....