Regal Wintertodt 3.1.01

Burning up the competition

  1. Snufalufugus
    Regal Wintertodt is the #1 Wintertodt bot on RuneMate - and it's no surprise. I've personally gained well over 150 million firemaking experience with it, and have tested it for hundreds of hours to ensure efficiency and reliability. It heavily integrates Runemate's PlayerSense capabilities to customize your characters playstyle and avoid bans. And it has been fine-tuned to almost perfectly mimic a real human's playstyle. Top it off with the simple, stunning, and efficient RegalUI, and it's easy to see why users have made Regal Wintertodt their firemaking bot of choice.

    To use the bot, just start near the Wintertodt arena with your selected food in bank. As with any bot involving combat, it's best to wear a Ring of Life.

    • Intelligent fletching mode - Detects the wintertodt's health and uses a Playersensed algorithm to stop fletching early and maximize efficiency
    • Burn-only mode support
    • Stays at wintertodt inbetween kills if no food was used
    • Automatically equips new pyromancer gear
    • Detects dead pyromancers and switches sides, after it's Playersensed "Patience" has depleted.
    • Option to chop and fletch in coordinates immune from AOE-snow attacks
    • Repairs, relights, and feeds braziers
    • Option to keep crates, or loot them as you go
    • Large variety of food supported
    • Other anti-detection measures to keep your account safe

Recent Reviews

  1. Sweety23D
    Version: 3.1.01
    Doesn't sense full inventory of logs, keep trying to chop roots, wouldn't eat my HC almost died. didn't go much farther from there. tried multiple settings and nothing.
  2. PRaeda
    Version: 3.1.01
    Used to be perfect, now gets stuck on exiting the Doors of Dinh to bank, won't bank, but will stay logged in as if it's trying to do something. Ban-bait, sadly
  3. Jake hallgren
    Jake hallgren
    Version: 3.1.01
    no idea what's going on but this bot has taken a turn for the worse. just opens settings lmao
  4. zerkers inc
    zerkers inc
    Version: 3.1.01
    the bot just opens and closes the settings, please fix
  5. rick ross12
    rick ross12
    Version: 3.1.01
    banking and taking food doesnt work
  6. FPS_Bears
    Version: 3.1.01
    I've got 3 accounts from 50-99 with this bot and I have no complaints. Runs perfectly for hours on end. Usually ran it for 8-12 hours a day with no bans and no bot crashes.
  7. itsjotto
    Version: 3.1.01
    Have gained 18m xp with this bot in only about 2 weeks while tome hunting on the iron. No bans and it never fails. Great bot 5/5
  8. rookief
    Version: 3.1.01
    99 and pet no issues.
    Set to smart fletch one inv and it will get 500+ all the time.
  9. timeghost
    Version: 3.1.01
    My favorite Wintertodt bot -- I had a hell of a time trying to get this to work when my Java messed up and reinstalled. Wish I could be reimbursed for the pennies I spent on it, but I'm gonna try and ignore that and just be happy it's working again. Almost to 99 with this bot!
  10. Grip
    Version: 3.1.01
    150 kc now no real issues, every once in a while it doesnt make base 500 points but im still gaining xp while im not playing so cant complain. Accidently ran for 7 hours last night after i thought i set break to 3 hours and was still going when i woke up. Id recommend for sure.