Regal Wintertodt 3.1.03

Burning up the competition

  1. Snufalufugus
    Regal Wintertodt is the #1 Wintertodt bot on RuneMate - and it's no surprise. I've personally gained well over 150 million firemaking experience with it, and have tested it for hundreds of hours to ensure efficiency and reliability. It heavily integrates Runemate's PlayerSense capabilities to customize your characters playstyle and avoid bans. And it has been fine-tuned to almost perfectly mimic a real human's playstyle. Top it off with the simple, stunning, and efficient RegalUI, and it's easy to see why users have made Regal Wintertodt their firemaking bot of choice.

    To use the bot, just start near the Wintertodt arena with your selected food in bank. As with any bot involving combat, it's best to wear a Ring of Life.

    • Intelligent fletching mode - Detects the wintertodt's health and uses a Playersensed algorithm to stop fletching early and maximize efficiency
    • Burn-only mode support
    • Stays at wintertodt inbetween kills if no food was used
    • Automatically equips new pyromancer gear
    • Detects dead pyromancers and switches sides, after it's Playersensed "Patience" has depleted.
    • Option to chop and fletch in coordinates immune from AOE-snow attacks
    • Repairs, relights, and feeds braziers
    • Option to keep crates, or loot them as you go
    • Large variety of food supported
    • Other anti-detection measures to keep your account safe

Recent Reviews

  1. Blazphemous
    Version: 3.1.03
    Great Bot it actually does all the job you need on WT been using for a few hours with breaks.. not working now due to the last update by jaggex but hopefully we will get back.

    Worth every money you spend on it so far
  2. Hairythings
    Version: 3.1.03
    Worked great prior to the recent update with new smithing minigame. Had I not been babysitting the bot after the update, I probably would've been banned. The bot will now sit in the corner and consistently try using the knife -> knife. It will not fletch the roots into kindling. Please fix this or point me in the direction to fix this.

    Side note: I've also noticed some crashing of the bot which has resulted in probably $0.50-$1.00 loss to myself due to continually trying to get it to run. Not a terribly large issue, as the developer deserves the money, but frustrating nonetheless.
  3. Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson
    Version: 3.1.03
    Aside from the break handler sucking a huge donkey dong..... Absolutely everything else about this program is awesome. 2 toon from level 55 to over 24m fm xp in WT so over 1100 games each with no bans or anything. I highly recommend using ring of life as sometimes things happen and i have been saved 3 times by ring of life. 1 dragon axe but still 0 pet yet.

    please make a more user friendly break handler so this bot can be considered perfect. I would love to be able to type in when my toon takes breaks and for how long because the random generated times suck a$$ hole. why the f**k does it need so many 30+ minute breaks.
  4. TheGreywyn
    Version: 3.1.03
    Fletching doesn't work. Spam clicks the knife. Good for burning logs
  5. WJB
    Version: 3.1.03
    Ran flawlessly for about 7ish hours. The recent update must of done the trick
  6. xDuch
    Version: 3.1.03
    Works perfectly again.
  7. Arkadi
    Version: 3.1.02
    Worked great for a couple of days. Now just keeps opening and closing the bank repeatedly and then crashes itself. 100% will get you banned
  8. oozz10
    Version: 3.1.02
    this bot is BROKEN. can't even bank it just constantly clicks on the minimap trying to access the bank. i tried to just start it with food in my inventory and it just goes near the bruma roots "Trying to find the right camera angle" and just sits there. 100% ban actions do not waste your time and money.
  9. madderrick
    Version: 3.1.02
    Constantly attempting to chop bruma roots. It moves to correct tiles and just sits. Busted completely until updated
  10. JustinLuna
    Version: 3.1.02
    Absolute awesome script to use for WT