Regal Wintertodt 3.1.01

Burning up the competition

  1. Snufalufugus
    Regal Wintertodt is the #1 Wintertodt bot on RuneMate - and it's no surprise. I've personally gained well over 150 million firemaking experience with it, and have tested it for hundreds of hours to ensure efficiency and reliability. It heavily integrates Runemate's PlayerSense capabilities to customize your characters playstyle and avoid bans. And it has been fine-tuned to almost perfectly mimic a real human's playstyle. Top it off with the simple, stunning, and efficient RegalUI, and it's easy to see why users have made Regal Wintertodt their firemaking bot of choice.

    To use the bot, just start near the Wintertodt arena with your selected food in bank. As with any bot involving combat, it's best to wear a Ring of Life.

    • Intelligent fletching mode - Detects the wintertodt's health and uses a Playersensed algorithm to stop fletching early and maximize efficiency
    • Burn-only mode support
    • Stays at wintertodt inbetween kills if no food was used
    • Automatically equips new pyromancer gear
    • Detects dead pyromancers and switches sides, after it's Playersensed "Patience" has depleted.
    • Option to chop and fletch in coordinates immune from AOE-snow attacks
    • Repairs, relights, and feeds braziers
    • Option to keep crates, or loot them as you go
    • Large variety of food supported
    • Other anti-detection measures to keep your account safe

Recent Reviews

  1. Nakkri
    Version: 3.1.01
    Perfect script, 50-99 Fm in 4 days and not banned, not even 1 failed run on points! perfect for my hcim with fletching, got pet and tome! :)
  2. Zackmayfire
    Version: 3.1.01
    as advertised i was able to hit 99 firemaking it only messed up a few times when the client was too small easy fix got every rare except the Dragon axe on my hcim phoenix included
  3. B Demon
    B Demon
    Version: 3.1.01
    Done around 30 crates. Only problem I have is I enjoy opening the crates myself and sometimes it will bank rune axe and will get an axe from the crate. Not a big deal still gets 500 points with bronze. Much better than Hexis WT bot tho. Hexis just deletes comments and has other people refute them.
  4. vicente sidgman
    vicente sidgman
    Version: 3.1.01
    Just did an ironman with 17m exp and was working very good the bot but with the patch of today its using the knife in the cakes pls update it :(
  5. Jake Pfleger
    Jake Pfleger
    Version: 3.1.01
    So far haven't had any problems with this bot, Botted it on and off for a few hours at a time and still not banned / any problems.

    Slight delay when re-lighting the Braziers / repairing so it will occasionally miss out on this xp and sometimes joins a game late.

    Other then that, fairly good all-round bot and haven't had to babysit.
  6. iMoose
    Version: 3.1.01
    super high ban rate on this script. Do not recommend.
  7. Greek
    Version: 3.1.01
    Script was awesome. But in a week, on 3 accounts that weren't new, never had offenses, and on 3 different IPs, 3 permabans. Unfortunate
  8. Birdman1
    Version: 3.1.01
    This script used to be fantastic. I got to 45 million firemaking experience in 2 months without even a temp. The script is now outdated and i highly recommend not using it unless you want to be banned. Wait until a new update for the program.
  9. eMiSk
    Version: 3.1.01
    This bot was great a month ago using it now it just seems really slow on the brazier reactions and never gets around to relighting the braziers in time and also never gets any construction xp for repairs due to delays, have used on multiple accounts and different computers the author really needs to revamp as i prefer to babysit it for safety reasons mainly being the pathing to and from the bank with resuppling.
  10. Dog boy
    Dog boy
    Version: 3.1.01
    banned after 6 mins of use used this bot previously and it was fine got me 50-99 firemaking with ease