Regal Woodcutter 2.0.36

Chop your way through Old School!

  1. awesome123man
    Chops down trees anywhere using the highest rated woodcutting bot!
    • Takes out the best axe when needed.
    • Can be used to chop anywhere
    • Banks at the nearest bank
    • Can be toggled to ignore bird nests
    • All the features of regal bots

Recent Reviews

  1. NahtFaik
    Version: 2.0.29
    Crashes at Varrock West Castle after 2 mins. tried disabling various settings
    bot ate up 18 cents for 6 mins
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      I can refund you. My pathing broke because I added an area I hadn't yet supported. Pm me plz
  2. TrueGoy
    Version: 2.0.08
    so far i've had great experience with it, with both custom mode and dropping and also banking. i am not sure how much anti ban it has got, i hope the author tells me, otherwise it seems natural. I do hope the author will add an option where sometimes within a few minutes it simply afk's to the point where if it chopped the tree it still holds still until the afk mode is off, for instance it afks for 30 secs. That way it feels more natural, less XP probably but i'd use such an option.

    this is worth the money. (i play it in fixed mode with some zooming out)
  3. phackwibbers
    Version: 2.0.08
    dont use it. breaks after full inv. was scammed 35p which I could've brought an energy drink with.
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      You could send me the logs and ask for a refund
  4. Ink My Squid
    Ink My Squid
    Version: 2.0.07
    Stops right in front of bank after full inv of logs at WC guild
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Hey send me the logs so I can figure it out