RegalRogueMaze 0.0.2-beta

Sneaking past bot detection AND deadly traps!

  1. Snufalufugus
    This bot is currently in a heavily discounted open beta. This means that no refunds will be provided with the exception of a crash, and babysitting the bot is recommended. I've used it for many hours without issues, but it still needs more testing before I consider it entirely reliable.

    If you want to use stamina potions, have plenty of 3 and 4 dose ones in the bank. I highly recommend you use stamina potions, or you will spend a lot of time waiting for run to regenerate.

    I recommend running in 1920x1080p resizeable with the screen zoomed all the way out.


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  2. RegalRogueMaze v0.0.1-beta Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. Party
    Version: 0.0.2-beta
    Initially ran into an issue, which was quickly resolved by the author. Successfully obtained my Rogue's set within 2 hours, so for the price, this bot is an absolute bargain.