SickHeater 0.0.10

Heat that Ore

  1. sickness0666
    - RS3 EOC only
    - Coal Bag compatible
    - Start at any Bank/Chest etc
    - Calculates profit (based on current mid Grand Exchange prices of ores, coal, runes)

    Have preset made for your optimal smelting
    (eg. for rune with coal bag, set preset with your nature runes, 11 runite ore, and 7 coal)

    Choose Ore type, if you wish to use coal bag, and preset in GUI
    Run the bot, it will stop when out of ores/coal/runes

    (I mean like honestly, how many people will sit there for HOURS super heating without breaking at all...)

    - Uses first slot of action bar for Super heat.
    - If superheat is not in the first slot, it will add the spell to the first slot and use that.
    - Stops if items are not found (ores, coal, staff, runes)
    - Currently supports silver, gold, steel, mithril, adamant, rune
    - Staffs Supported: Staff of fire, Fire battlestaff, Mystic fire staff, Lava battlestaff, Steam battlestaff (if i missed any, let me know)
    - has a more human break option called "micro breaks" will take random short breaks after an inventory, GUI has countdown to next break, and has a countdown for remaining time in the current break

    To Do:
    - add support for all bars (bronze, iron)
    - break handler
    - add support for no action bar, and osrs support

    Speeds achieved:
    Rune bars with coal bag: 1.6-1.7k/hr with microbreaks, 1.9k with no breaks
    Adamant bars with coal bag: 2.1k/hr with microbreaks, 2.4k/hr with no breaks

    Development progress reports:

Recent Reviews

  1. S0amm0y
    Version: 0.0.10
    Works a treat at around 500 bars an hour with micro breaks on. There are better superheating bots out there but beggars can't be choosers. I would say however don't get your hopes up for the professed 2000+ bars/h Idk maybe at the start it did work that kind of magic!
  2. rcjulia
    Version: 0.0.10
    Good bot and very easy to use. If it would be possible could you add exp/hr. But in overall working very well that getting 500-600 casts per hr
  3. Delision
    Version: 0.0.10
    Works perfectly for me. Smelted probably around 50,000 runite ore by now and never been banned.
  4. ChickenKiller666
    Version: 0.0.10
    This bot will get you banned probably. Instead of using button 1 it just moves mouse from abilities bar to inventory. Developer please fix.
  5. Benjjii
    Version: 0.0.10
    only getting 400/hr.. whats the problem?
  6. Zamy
    Version: 0.0.10
    wtf is wrong with this ... 800 cast per hour is nothing as described .. :(
  7. julotheking
    Version: 0.0.10
    cool bot! but would be 5 stars if it could spam while it does the animation! thanks!
  8. Tintelfris
    Version: 0.0.7
    Works nicely, though it would be nice if it didn't wait for the superheating animation to finish. These pauses make the bot more bot-like as many legit-players just continously click ore.
  9. janky bro
    janky bro
    Version: 0.0.7
    1. sickness0666
      Author's Response
      Ty ;) any suggestions for bot let me know
  10. Yurilothos
    Version: 0.0.7
    Works with no failure, but my bars/h is not the same as it was announced. Making 1100 rune bars/h with no micro breaks. It seems to superheat another ore only after finishing the animation, while it could do some superheat "spam".
    1. sickness0666
      Author's Response
      You can only make over 1k/ hr if you have a coal bag (gotten from dungeoneering on rs3) i an still doing sone tweaking to speeds. But running with coal bag i can get up to 1900 rune per hour, without coal bag i can get 900-1.1k