Silence's Fishing Trawler 1.0.5

Gets you the angler's outfit in no time!

  1. SilenceP44
    - Choose if you want to spam click the leaks
    - Choose if you want to play with or without camera motion
    - Choose if you want to idle when the activity bar is high
    - Teleports you to the minigame and takes the required items from your bank automatically
    - Advanced break settings
    - Change your settings while the bot is running
    - Stop conditions (stop after x amount of games, time or XP)
    - Tracks the amount of games and XP
    - Automatically chooses the best angle to spam click the leaks

    - Start anywhere with enough swamp paste & a bailing bucket in your inventory or bank (on the correct world)
    - The bot works best when zoomed out

    Known bugs:
    - None!

    Getting the outfit takes 6.4 hours on average which corresponds to less than 2 dollars!

    If you find any bugs, send me a message with a description of what happened and I will refund you :).
    If you have any suggestions or improvements tell me!

Recent Reviews

  1. Papar7is
    Version: 1.0.5
    The worst payed script I have ever seen , I tryed out many of them from this site and this is far the worst one
  2. blisterz
    Version: 1.0.5
    Pretty bad :(. Gets kicked off the boat every time. Too slow to catch the leaks. Miss clicks the leaks almost every time. "spam click mode" missed the leaks, not using spam click mode clicks random leaks all the way across the boat and never gets to it in time. Couldn't think of a way the bot could be worse. Will update review if bot is fixed.
  3. Weels0n
    Version: 1.0.2
    Not bad when it’s on the boat but it’s very slow on getting to the next game. When you watch it between rounds it’s almost as if it’s deliberate to make you use the bot for longer. Not worth the money at the moment.
    1. SilenceP44
      Author's Response
      I could try to speed it up a few seconds but I don't really see the point, you have to wait anyway untill the boat leaves. The bot currently gets on the boat everytime on time so no time is wasted.
  4. Vendexx
    Version: 1.0.0
    Waste of money and time. It can't even click to fix the holes on the boat. It spams on the walls that don't even break lmao. If you want to keep your account stay away from this script.
    1. SilenceP44
      Author's Response
      The chance of water coming out of the wall is the same as the chance of water coming out of a leak. So it really doesn't matter. But I suspect more people will have this complaint so I'll change it.