SimpleCrabsForeverPlusEdition 1.0.0

Slaps rock crabs.

  1. Emrys
    Wakes rock crabs up and slaps them.
    - Make sure you have at least full addy!
    - Make sure to start the bot in the Rellekka region.

    This is a play-and-leave bot which only supports west rellekka rock crabs for now.

    - Gathering and Attacking The Rock Crabs of West Rellekka
    - Automatic World Hopping on 1+ players
    - Automatic fleeing on low hp.
    - Automatic resetting of crabs when they're too sleepy.

    Will feature:
    - Banking Player-specified gear and items
    - Looting
    - Eating
    - Multiple rock cousins

    To make sure you don't die, have at least full addy armor.