Simply Divination Bot ALPHA 0.0.6

Divination bot for cursed energy

  1. bertlab
    Currently for Cursed Energy only.

    This bot works only with Ring of Wealth so you need to be member.

    • Hops world when dead or attacked
    • Break handler
    • Profit calculation
    Please report any bug/error you encounter.

    Note: Once this bot is mostly bug free and out of ALPHA version i'll make it premium.

Recent Reviews

  1. snakesedgh
    Version: 0.0.6
    seems to work fine but now that you can no longer telleport it just stands there waiting to die and trying to use ring... maybe make to walk to bank by wildywrms or by altar
  2. im not a bot promise
    im not a bot promise
    Version: 0.0.6
    bot literally does nothing, dead script
  3. Fansee
    Version: 0.0.6
    Useless, can't teleport out with the energy.
  4. Lex Ong
    Lex Ong
    Version: 0.0.6
    havent had a problem till today stopped working after teleport either at wildy volcano and ge
  5. MauriceV3
    Version: 0.0.6
    Works good the onliest issue is when it withdraws a ring it gets stuck and doesn't close the bank for some reason
  6. iskukone
    Version: 0.0.6
    sometimes if his inv is full he do nothing ( after full inv let him click on the compass then its would work 100% )
  7. Tw1sted
    Version: 0.0.6
    i figured out the tele problem. i had a custom tele "dragged under" and it didnt recognise i was teleporting.
  8. MR_drop123
    Version: 0.0.6
    works good not perfict but makes good money the reason that its not perfect is that its not the fasterst and it not Always telepoorts away when geting attacked by a player but still makes good money if you fix this problem and make it a little faster then you have to make it premium : D 2 more tips 1 if you make it permium keep ithis one free and update the click positions every 2 days to keep it les bannable
  9. mlinfedel
    Version: 0.0.4
    really good works flawless