Skoobler's Fishing Trawler [ALPHA] 0.5

Trawl your problems away!

  1. Skoobler
    Automates the Fishing Trawler mini-game.

    Make sure to:
    1. Zoom your camera out all the way
    2. Have plenty of swamp paste in your inventory
    3. Start the bot in world 370 outside the Fishing Trawler minigame
    4. Turn off Camera Sway in the minigame to maintain precise clicking!
    Free temporarily until version 1.0

Recent Reviews

  1. randy86
    Version: 0.5
    worst bot ever dont even keep activity high enough to stay in minigame
  2. Liamspies
    Version: 0.5
    Thanks for the effort.
    TBH worst but I've used, just spam clicks everywhere after following directions.
  3. Cameron97
    Version: 0.5
    Have to babysit but it works
  4. Fabreze
    Version: 0.5
    Spam clicks the gang plank, sometimes gets bugged out and doesn't go to the bottom level once it's on the ship... definitely has some major issues that need fixing
  5. stakahz
    Version: 0.5
    Works pretty well for me, I don't think these other reviews are fair. Thanks for the script man, you're doing a great thing for this community.
  6. PataFreaky
    Version: 0.5
    this shi* is broken. followed the instructions, my person did nothing but click around everywhere and got kicked real fast. i even started running around like a bot after i got kicked from the ship.

    At this stage, wouldn't recommend.
  7. Jeffmaster123
    Version: 0.5
    just kept clicking on the planks next to the leak and walking back and forward until it got kicked out of the minegame
  8. AlwaysPlanAhea
    Version: 0.5
    If I could give this zero stars; I would. Constant bug crashes, will only do one trip. I get more done aimlessly clicking while watching Netflix than I do actually trying to manage the bot.
    1. Skoobler
      Author's Response
      Hi AlwaysPlanAhea! We are very sorry to hear the bot didn't work correctly. The bugs have come to our attention and we're going to resolve these by the next update, with added features included. Thank you for using our bot and we hope you'll use it again in the future!
  9. DirtyOne
    Version: 1.0.0
    Very good! Work perfectly , thanks Skoobler <3