SkyGuy's Blue Dragon Killer 0.0.1

Temporarily free version.

  1. SkyGuy
    Kills Blue Dragons.
    REQUIRES a ring of life to be equipped at all times and 70 agility. Does not use any teleports atm.
    Uses Melee and monkfish. have an anti dragon shield equiped.

Recent Reviews

  1. Econeslayer1
    Version: 0.0.1
    Some bug's great fucking work by the way also like the last guy said I would be really interested if you can make more bots like this for zulrah,barrow,kbd etc pm me also ;)
  2. kinkyshark
    Version: 0.0.1
    Works just fine, but needs some more features, i will make a list of features that it needs.


    Teleport, potion drinking (Combat potion, stamina potion and so on..), prayer with prayer potion, range support with safespot, special attack activate.

    Also it needs to not fill the full inventory up, for high-level players. Or atleast low-level food.

    Needs support for key into the dragons.


    It runs to Falador only with a 1/3 full inventory, needs to be fixed..

    At the wall in Falador it sometimes jump back into Falador when it just jumped outside...

    Hope you will be making a bot for "Barrows, Zulrah, Brutal Black Dragon" in the future, when this bot is fixed...

    If you need help finding more bugs/problems PM me. ;)
    1. SkyGuy
      Author's Response
      thanks for the feedback, this one is still very much a WIP, as its just one i had for personal use that i uploaded to gather bugs before i work on. if you have more feedback let me know! (here, the bot's discussion thread(best place) or in pm)
      also I wont be able to update this within the next week, but after that i play to start working on it