SkyGuy's Wyvern Killer BETA Trial 0.2.0

Trial Beta build of SkyGuy's Wyvern Killer

  1. SkyGuy
    PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ERRORS - recordings or screenshots of errors also welcome. This is still in beta, so I would suggest running this under supervision.

    72 Slayer
    PoH in Rimmington
    High melee combat

    Prayer potion (4)
    Super combat potion (4)
    Dragon mace (requires Heroes' Quest)
    Teleport to house (tablets)
    Ring of dueling (any charges)

    Dragonfire shield > Mind shield > Elemental shield
    Defensive Melee armor

    Start at clan wars bank chest, fully geared with quick prayers set to whichever you would like, and Items required in the bank.

    Skeletal Wyvern
    Skeletal Wyvern/Strategies
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