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Smurfs Zalcano LITE 1.2.20

Kills Zalcano so you dont have to!

  1. SmurfBots
    Smurfs Zalcano should work for almost any team size, you just need to get the settings right. Your settings can be updated on the fly and you will need to change them as people join/leave.

    Minimum Tephra
    - This is the minumum number of Tephra that it will mine before refining (The more people in the room the lower this needs to be)

    Ignore minimum on projectile
    - With this enabled it will go straight to refining if Zalcono fires her projectile at the rock you are mining and you have atleast 1 Tephra in your inventory

    Only throw on blue
    - With this enabled it will wait until the blue pads come out before attacking with Imbued Tephra (Useful for smaller team sizes)

    Dont restart cycle if zalcano health below
    - After throwing all of your imbued tephra if Zalcanos hp is above this number it will restart the cycle and start mining, if below it will just wait until zalcano goes down

    Check https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Zalcano/Strategies for recommended Inventory/Equipment. Both Super Energy and Stam pots are supported.

    Start the bot either in the zalcano lobby or at the bank closest to the teleport platform with your equipment and inventory setup correctly. If you want to change your Equipment/Inventory setup while the bot is running just press pause, go to the bank and press update once you have made your changes.

    Death walking is only supported from Prif spawn point.
    It is free to change it to prif, if you have any other spawn set then the bot will logout and stop on death.

Recent Reviews

  1. Neon Viper
    Neon Viper
    Version: 1.1.3
    It's awesome right off the bat. Great functionality and survivability. It confirms kills even on quick moving mass worlds, but it doesn't exactly stick with the crowd on them.
    Some things I've noticed while using the LITE version:

    On mass world, if you are one of the first to throw Tephra (usually this happens when you only mine 1 Tephra since you are ahead of the crowd), the bot will restart the cycle instead of waiting. Causing you to be on the other side of the map when Zal is downed, most of the time missing the mine phase all together.

    Other than that, it doesn't drink at the best times, sometimes drinks while mining, causing you to lag behind.

    Otherwise, immense thank you for this bot, def want to use it more.
    1. SmurfBots
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for the feedback. If you are on a very busy mass world and you never want it to restart the cycle you should be able to set the "Dont restart cycle if zalcano health below" setting to 350, and then it should always only do 1 cycle.

      And yeah I could probably look at refining when it eats/drinks