SoulWaterfiend 1.0

SoulWaterfiends is a bot that camps waterfiends using soulsplit. It gains 200k+ experience and 15...

  1. BoneCode
    -Camps waterfiends (DOES NOT BANK)
    -Turns on soulsplit at 60% health, turns off at 90%
    -Drinks 1 dose of prayer renewal at 50% prayer if renewal isn't already on
    -Drinks 1 dose of prayer potion/flask at 0 prayer points (safety feature)
    -Attacks waterfiends not in combat

    -Charming imp (Does not support picking up charms manually because your bad if you do that)
    -92 Prayer (For soulsplit because it doesn't eat because if you do your bad)
    -Range (If you don't range you're retarded)


    Setup your ability bar with revolution on to have your main abilities on the first 9 slots. WARNING: Don't use abilities that hit multiple targets! (You're retarded if you do that)
    Optional: have Rapid Fire anywhere outside the revolution slots for increased results

    You may have either prayer renewals or prayer potions however it is recommended to have prayer renewals with 3 or more prayer potions for safety reasons.
    Holy Wrench is recommended for increased prayer points and bonus.

    Go to any location with waterfiends (excluding ghorruck)

    Run the script bot!

    Make sure you have soulsplit set as your quick prayer

    Progress Reports