Succulent Sand Filler 1.1.1

A sands-on approach to crafting

  1. Succulent
    Succulent Sand Filler

    Fills empty buckets with sand at the Yanille sandpit. Teleports to Yanille POH and bank at Seers' bank.

    If you don't want to mine sandstone this is a decent method of getting the sand you need for molten glass as an ironman. You can fill around 1.5-2k buckets/hour.

    • Supports construction cape teleport to POH
    • Supports Kandarin hard diary seers' bank teleport option
    • Supports walking to yanille bank instead of using seers
    • Detects if its in the POH and leaves it
    • Turns off teleport-inside option in POH settings
    • Finds closest bank if it gets stuck
    • Supports all staffs for rune-replacements

    • Make sure your POH is in Yanille
    • Turn off the teleport-inside option (but the bot will fix this otherwise)
    • Have enough runes to teleport to POH/Seers or con cape if using

    Potential updates
    • Choice of bank and teleport methods
    • Option to buy more buckets if it runs out

Recent Reviews

  1. Sloppy Toppy
    Sloppy Toppy
    Version: 1.1.1
    The bot will fill the buckets if you have them in your inventory, but once returning to the bank it will not retrieve more empty bucket. The bot just immediately shuts down and you have once again start it (Charging you for another hour) for it to just shut down again. 12k empty buckets banked, so that isn't the issue.
  2. altim
    Version: 1.1.1
    dope ! does what it says
  3. diegorland0
    Version: 1.1.1
    any1 used this b4? i want to try but dont know
    1. Succulent
      Author's Response
      I've had quite a few people report back to me with good feedback and suggestions. It's free so try it and find out - it's a pretty simple bot but works fine! Let me know how it goes.