SuperMiner 0.9.0

The super mining bot

  1. SuperBotter
    Configuration Screen (without custom area):
    Configuration Screen (with custom area):
    Info Screen:
    • GUI with configuration, statistics and status updates
    • Banking support
    • Urn support
    • Powermining with Action Bar dropping
    • Powermining anywhere with a custom radius
    • Supports Strange Rocks
    • Uses the SuperAPI
    • Custom Location (powermining only)
    • Al Kharid
      • Al Kharid bank
    • Draynor
      • Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza bank chest
    • Dwarven Mine
      • Falador East bank
    • Falador south-west
      • Clan Camp bank chest
    • Lumbridge Swamp east
      • Al Kharid bank
    • Lumbridge Swamp west
      • Draynor bank
    • Rimmington
      • Clan Camp bank chest
    • Varrock south-east
      • Varrock east bank
    • Varrock south-west
      • Varrock west bank
    • Equip a pickaxe or have one on your toolbelt
    • For powermining, have the ore on the Action Bar or have empty spaces on the Action Bar for Action Bar support. If it is not on the Action Bar and it can't drag the item to the Action Bar, the bot will drop it manually.
    • For powermining in a custom location, go to the area and configure the radius that the bot searches for ore.
    • None that I know of. If you have found a bug, make a post about it in the bot thread.
    Future Updates (in order of when they'll be released)
    • All F2P mines - slowly but surely I'll get them all
    • Credits
    • Feature requests (can be done at any time depending on the request)
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Recent Reviews

  1. hollowayj86
    Version: 0.9.0
    gets stuck on banking if received items that cannot bank. clicks deposit over and over.
  2. Jacob12741
    Version: 0.9.0
    will bank ores fine but if you want to power mine dont get this bot. Will get stuck almost every inventory even if following instructions listed in bot.
  3. JonneMobiili
    Version: 0.9.0
    when full inv, starts dropping, drops 3-5 ores and then stops and does nothing
  4. Rijaka
    Version: 0.9.0
    I used it for 12+ hrs non stop and doing good, thanks
  5. Mirko
    Version: 0.9.0
    Bot works fine except for dropping. Drags my action bar full with iron ores and then continue to manually drop them. When manually dropping them it freezes and stays that way untill i get logged out....
  6. llewiibear
    Version: 0.9.0
    is usable...however takes a very long time to reach mining areas, and sometimes will get confused or just stand there doing nothing. babysitting required.
    this bot would be perfect for coal mining of the dwarven mine or the dwarven resource area.
  7. JiggyBruh
    Version: 0.9.0
    so far so good! a bit glitchy/sluggish at times, but all in all great script.
  8. tzingf15
    Version: 0.9.0
    testei umas 5 vezes e ele está se perdendo com frequência para ir para as minas
  9. Nines420
    Version: 0.9.0
    Can't you make it so it exits the bank so it walks straight to the mine again
  10. Lord Oranos
    Lord Oranos
    Version: 0.9.0
    Seems to be the fastest bot I can find for power-mining. Apparently will not use the action bar for dropping though. My entire action bar is full of the ore I am mining and it won't use it. Switches to manuel dropping.