SuperMiner 0.5.7

The super mining bot

  1. SuperBotter
    First screen: Configuration
    Second screen: Statistics and status updates
    • GUI with configuration, statistics and status updates
    • Banking support
    • Powermining with Action Bar dropping
    • Uses the SuperAPI
    • Draynor
      • Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza bank chest
    • Falador south-west
      • Clan Camp bank chest
    • Lumbridge Swamp east
      • Al Kharid bank
    • Lumbridge Swamp west
      • Draynor bank
    • Rimmington
      • Clan Camp bank chest
    • Varrock south-east
      • Varrock east bank
    • Varrock south-west
      • Varrock west bank
    • Equip a pickaxe or have one on your toolbelt
    • For powermining, have the ore on the Action Bar or have empty spaces on the Action Bar for Action Bar support. If it is not on the Action Bar and it can't drag the item to the Action Bar, the bot will drop it manually.
    • None that I know of. If you have found a bug, make a post about it in the bot thread.
    Future Updates (in order of when they'll be released)
    • All F2P mines
    • Credits
    • Feature requests (can be done at any time depending on the request)

Recent Reviews

  1. Thatguy10145
    Version: 0.5.7
    Only bug i see so far is mining in falador. The camera will move to the dead trees next to the ores and it will either cut them, or block the ores from being cut. Other then that Great.
  2. Qosmiof2
    Version: 0.5.7
    I really like this bot. Love the UI. Simple and effective. Good job!
  3. kcc
    Version: 0.5.7
    Really good at rimmington mine (haven't tried others) Really fast, banking isn't too fast but a lot faster than other bots with banking. Really good and been doing it from lvl 1, and now lvl 52. :)