TenAgility 1.4.1

Trains Agility so you don't have to. Everywhere.

  1. Hazard

    1. Description

    Trains agility so you don't have to.

    2. Courses
    • Gnome basic
    • Barbarian Outpost basic
    • Ape Atoll
    • Hefin Serenity posts
    • Hefin course
    • Gnome advanced
    • Barbarian Outpost advanced
    3. Setup instructions
    Start this bot anywhere on the agility course or near the bank.
    Make sure the Velocity-box is at the right-bottom corner of your screen(you can move it), so the mouse doesn't get stuck behind it.

    4. Longest run

    5. Thanks to
    • @G10 for the account that was used to create this bot.