TenCannonballs 1.2.1

Smelts cannonballs in Port Phasmatys, Edgeville, Al Kharid

  1. Hazard
    1. Description
    Smelts cannonballs in Port Phasmatys.

    2. Requirements
    • [​IMG] 35 Smithing
    3. Setup instructions
    - Start this bot near the bank or furnace in Port Phasmatys.
    - Add the cannonball mould to your toolbelt
    - Make sure you are wearing your ghostspeak amulet/Cramulet.
    - Create a bank preset with your inventory full of steel bars and save it under Preset 1 (verify this by banking and pressing the 1 button on your Numpad, your inventory should be full of steel bars).
    4. Changelog
    [07/06/2015] Cramulet support

    5. Thanks to
    • @G10 for the account that was used to create this bot.
    • @Hypo for the idea.