TenElfThiever 1.5.1

Pickpockets elf clans in Prifddinas, Abyssal lurker support

  1. Hazard
    1. Description
    Pickpockets elf clans in Prifddinas.

    2. Requirements
    • [​IMG] 91 Thieving - Higher is much recommended, else you will have to wait alot.
    3. Setup instructions
    Start this bot anywhere in Prifddinas, the bot will detect the nearest available clan and will walk straight to it. If you wish to use an Abyssal lurker and Abyssal stealth scrolls, to boost your thieving by 4 levels, please have lots of pouches and scrolls in your bank and use the following bank preset(the amount of scrolls = the max. amount you've got)

    4. Changelog
    [20/06/2015] Abyssal lurker support + Webwalking, now it won't teleport to the center of Prifddinas first to get to the next clan.
    [07/06/2015] Bot will no longer try to pickpocket an elf that is busted.
    [02/06/2015] Hefin, Crwys and Meilyr clans are now supported.

    5. Thanks to
    • @G10 for the account that was used to create this bot.
    • @skrall for collecting the data needed to support Hefin, Crwys and Meilyr.