TenLRC 1.2.2

Mines coal/gold in the Living Rock Caverns

  1. Hazard
    1. Description
    Mines Concentrated coal and gold in the Living Rock Caverns(Falador)

    2. Requirements
    • [​IMG] 77 Mining(Coal) or 80 Mining(Gold)
    3. Setup instructions
    Start this bot in the Living Rock Caverns.

    4. Upcoming features
    • Familiar support(Lava titan/Obsidian golem)
    • Mining urns
    • Get more Sign of the Porters from bank
    5. Changelog
    [21/06/2015] Webwalking added + walking bugfix
    [25/05/2015] Worldswitching, Powermining and Sign of the Porter-support added.