TenSeren 1.2.2

Mines Seren stone and Smelts Corrupted ore in Prifddinas(Trahaearn)

  1. Hazard
    1. Description
    Mines Seren stones and smelts Corrupted ore in the Trahaearn district in Prifddinas.

    2. Requirements
    • [​IMG] 89 Mining
    • [​IMG] 89 Smithing
    3. Setup instructions
    Start this bot in the Trahaearn area near the Seren stones, or in the furnace.

    4. Upcoming features
    • Familiar support(Lava titan/Obsidian golem)

    5. Longest run


    6. Changelog
    [30/05/2015] Corrupted ore smelting added.

    7. Thanks to
    • @G10 for the account that was used to create this bot.